Annual and Long Term Business Plans and Budget 2013 2014

The Annual Business Plan sets out the proposed services, programs and projects for 2013 2014 to continue to work towards our long-term goals and objectives set out in Council’s recently endorsed Strategic Management Plan – “Planning for Tomorrow’s Community Today”. This Strategic Plan ensures day to day activities are consistently focused on the issues of most importance for Council and the community, while ensuring that sustainability is a guiding principle of the plan. 

Council, through the Annual Business Plan, will continue to maintain infrastructure, services and programs, while working towards addressing the infrastructure backlog and also delivering new projects to ensure Mitcham is a healthy, inclusive and prosperous community that lives and works in harmony with the environment. 

The budget provides for an operating deficit from Council operations of approximately $0.5 million which, along with the advance payments of the Federal assistance grant of $1.1 million received in 2012 2013, results in a total operating deficit of $1.6 million dollars for 2013 2014. 

Council is committed to balancing its operational budget by 2014 2015 and has taken action for efficient service delivery including over $657,000 in savings identified in the last 12 months and a commitment to find further efficiencies in 2013 2014 and beyond. 

To ensure the success of the plan and the continual development and maintenance of our City and services, homeowners will pay an average of 5.10% more in rates this financial year. In addition, vacant land will now be rated at the same rate as commercial properties which will increase from 1.8 to 1.9 times the residential rate. 

The average residential rate for existing properties will increase from $1,354 to $1,423, an increase of $69 or $1.33 per week.

City of Mitcham Annual Business Plan 2013 2014

City of Mitcham Long Term Financial Plan 2013 2014

City of Mitcham Annual Business Plan Summary(71 kb)

August 2013 Mitcham Community News(2812 kb)

Fees and Charges

Section 188 of the Local Government Act 1999 provides that Council may impose fees and charges by resolution.

Council is required to review the fees and charges annually and at its meeting on 10 June 2014, adopted the Schedule of Fees and Charges 2014-2015, a link to which is provided below:

City of Mitcham Schedule of Fees 2014-2015(120 kb)

The fees and charges for 2014-2015 will come into effect from 1 July 2014.

Maximum Rate Increase for Residential Ratepayers 

Council has extended the rate capping scheme to all rate payers who would otherwise have incurred a rate increase greater than 12.5%. A rebate will be granted automatically to eligible ratepayers. If a rebate does not appear on your rates notice and you believe you are eligible, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 8372 8888, or email 

Rates income is used to provide a range of essential everyday services such as road rehabilitation, footpath repairs and maintenance, stormwater drainage, the collection of rubbish and recyclable materials, ongoing maintenance of parks, gardens and buildings, street lighting and street cleaning, libraries, animal control, planning and enforcement of local laws. 

The increase in rates income will be used to implement key strategies including maintaining the City’s ageing infrastructure, which includes our roads, footpaths and stormwater drainage systems, new footpaths and stormwater infrastructure improvements and investment to fully implement the City of Mitcham's Trails Strategy. 

For further information in relation to Council rates for 2013 2014, please click here

Highlights from the Budget

Service and Efficiency Review


Tree Maintenance Backlog


Council Buildings Revaluation and Condition Audit


Development of Stormwater Management Plans


Development of Disability Discrimination Action Plan


Brownhill Creek – Joint Natural Resources Management Board/City of Unley Pilot Study


Review of Residential Policies including commencement of Residential Development Plan Amendment


Sturt River Linear Park Stage Three Plan Design


Completion of review of use and management of Community Land in Colonel Light Gardens


Brown Hill Creek Stormwater Management Plan Part B Assessment


Public Health Management Plan


Cedar Avenue Walking Trail Design


Bikeway Plan 2013


Incomplete operating projects from 2012/2013 being re-budgeted in 2013/2014 (Master Plan project for Manson Oval and Price Memorial)




Investing in Infrastructure and Service Enhancement

The City of Mitcham will be spending $18.4 million on assets including our road network, drainage systems, footpaths and community buildings of which $15.2 million will be spent on renewing existing assets and reducing the infrastructure backlog. A further $3.2 million will be spent on constructing or acquiring new assets and enhancing services.

Renewal of Assets


Sealed Roads


Kerb and Water Table


Car Parks








Bus Shelters




Open Space, Ovals, Reserves, Tennis Courts


Community Buildings


Civic Buildings


Other Structures


Fleet and Plant 


Office Furniture and Equipment 


Incomplete Renewal Works from 2012 2013 being re-budgeted in 2013 2014


Total Renewal of Assets



New and Enhanced Services for the Community


Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements ($1.5 million over 2 years)


Additional New Footpath Construction per year across the ten years of the Long-Term Financial Plan


Blackwood and Mitcham Libraries Radio Frequency Identification Implementation


Blackwood and Mitcham Libraries Work Health and Safety works


Mitcham Trails Strategy ($820,000 over 2 years)


Sutton Gardens Stage One Landscaping Upgrade


Upgrading of Cemetery Infrastructure ($160,000 over 2 years)


Installation of New Traffic Control Devices ($100,000 over 2 years)


Netherby Reserve Shelters


Topdressing Spreader for the Turf Maintenance Team


Mobile Device Management Console


Incomplete New Capital Works from 2012/2013 being re-budgeted in 2013/2014 (including New Footpaths and Stormwater Improvements)




* In addition to the services listed above, Council has also undertaken initiatives such as Mitcham Cemetery Maintenance, enhanced Annual Residents Survey and Trails Maintenance. An amount of $307,400 will be required annually to maintain all of these new and enhanced services for the community.

Council’s Capital Works Program is contained in the City of Mitcham Annual Business Plan 2013 2014(1746 kb).

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