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 Community Bus


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One of the major barriers to independence and social participation for residents who are older, frail or younger with a disability, is difficulty accessing transport. Public transport may not be easily negotiated or within a convenient distance of your home and taxis can be costly or difficult to arrange. We understand also that although you may still drive, there are some destinations where you may prefer not to because of traffic, parking or navigation problems. Family and friends can sometimes assist but this is not always an ideal solution. 

Community transport is a means of filling the gaps unable to be met by conventional public and private transport options. In addition to responding to the needs of the transport disadvantaged, community transport offers benefits such as personalised service, the convenience of door to door pickup and delivery, reliability and punctuality. Users of our community transport consistently remark how it encourages a real sense of community and belonging and helps establish social bonds and friendships.

The City of Mitcham’s Community Transport is available to residents who are older and frail or younger with a disability and are transport disadvantaged. The program is administered by Community Wellbeing Coordinators and provided by volunteers, or in some cases by Council approved contractors or taxi companies. As well as enabling residents to carry out shopping necessary to their wellbeing, the Community Bus visits libraries. Personal Transport is available for medical, wellbeing and other essential appointments.

Read on for details of our Community Transport services

Community Bus

Personal Transport

Community Bus

Community Bus

The Community Bus is a door-to-door service that operates across the Mitcham Council area. It is funded jointly by Mitcham Council and the State and Commonwealth Governments. As well as providing transport for residents who are older, frail or younger with a disability, the Community Bus can accommodate residents who live independently and are transport disadvantaged. Volunteers drive the buses and assist passengers with carrying shopping and entering and alighting from the buses. All our Community Bus volunteers are fully accredited, trained and have a good appreciation of the needs of passengers. The City of Mitcham has two Community Buses, each seating up to 18 passengers. Both buses have a low step for ease of access and one has wheelchair access.

The buses provide a weekly shopping trip to Blackwood, Mitcham, Pasadena and Castle Plaza Shopping Centres. They travel monthly to Westfield Marion and the Central Market.  As well, they provide a monthly trip to the Blackwood and Mitcham Libraries, so residents can select their own books and enjoy a cuppa.  Staff and volunteers are available in the libraries to assist with locating and selecting books.

Regular passengers find that travelling on the Community Bus is a pleasant outing and an opportunity to socialise with fellow residents.

A donation of $2 each way is requested.

Community Bus

Click here for the latest Community Bus Timetable.

Booking a seat on the Community Bus

You or your carer can register for the Community Bus by phoning the Coordinator on 8374 7791. Once registered, you can book your trip (we request a minimum of two days in advance), or make regular bookings for your weekly transport needs of up to two journeys per week. For example, you may book one trip to your local shopping centre and another to your local library.

Travel on the Community Bus

Instructions and directions of the bus driver and volunteer helper must be followed at all times. 

Community Bus


“The Community Bus is a life saver.  I wouldn’t get out of the house without it.  I love every minute of being on the bus and the volunteers are terrific.  Without it, I would be stranded.”  (Dawn, regular Community Bus passenger) 

Personal Transport

Personal Transport

Personal Transport is available to residents of Mitcham who are older and frail or younger with a disability and their carers, who have difficulty accessing public or other means of transport. It is designed to assist with essential travel (such as to medical, therapy or wellbeing appointments). We have a dedicated team of volunteers who provide transport by private vehicle. You are  picked up from your home, taken to your required destination and then returned home again. Volunteers are fully trained and their vehicles are checked for safety. To ensure the service is personalised, we take care to match our volunteers with residents as far as possible. In some circumstances Council approved contractors or approved taxi providers can supplement volunteer availability.

It is expected that the destination will be within or in close proximity to the Mitcham Council area. In cases where the destination is well beyond this or parking is challenging (for example some hospital outpatient departments), our volunteers or contractors can transport you one-way (thereby ensuring you arrive at your appointment on time), provided you are happy to use a taxi or make other arrangements for the return trip. If needed we can assist with the cost of the taxi trip home.

How much does it cost?   

Fees per person (no charge to carers who accompany residents)Cost
Appointments within the Mitcham Council area

$6 one way

$12 two way

Appointments outside the Mitcham Council area

$9 one way

$18 two way






To ensure the availability of Personal Transport to as many eligible residents as possible, and the safety and security of passengers and drivers, the following applies:

  • Use of this service is usually fortnightly or up to 26 trips per year unless negotiated otherwise. We can however accommodate short term weekly transport where someone has a special need, for example is recovering from surgery and requires more frequent medical visits.
  • A maximum of three passengers per car is allowed for accompanying residents or carers.
  • We ask that you provide at least three working days notice of your appointment when possible
  • Volunteers, taxi drivers or contractors can provide low level assistance. If a higher level of support is required, our Coordinators can refer you to another provider.

How do I apply?

If you are new to Personal Transport services or have not used the services within the past twelve months, please contact My Aged Care, phone 1800 200 422.

If you have used our Personal Transport services within the past twelve months, please telephone the Coordinator on 8372 8829.

If you are under the age of 65 with a disability please telephone the Coordinator on 8372 8884.


Personal Transport 

“Council have made 100% of my life easier. I only have to pick up the phone and see if council can assist with transport or another service and they are quick to help" (Joyce, regular user of Personal Transport Services).

You may also be interested in our Assisted Shopping or Community Bus services.

Community Wellbeing General Contact Details

Contact Phone Number8372 8888



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Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.  Visit the Department of Health website for more information. 


The Government of South Australia Department for Communities and Social Inclusion has contributed Allocated Funds towards this program.  Visit the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion website for more information.
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