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Council Elections - November 2014

Key Dates

Friday 8 August 2014 Council Voters Roll CLOSED

9.30 am - 12.45 pm
Saturday 16 August 2014
LG House, 148 Frome St, Adelaide


7 pm, Monday 25 August 2014
Council Chambers
131 Belair Rd, Torrens Park


Tuesday 2 September 2014

Nominations COMPLETED

12 noon, Tuesday 16 September 2014

Nominations now CLOSED
4 pm, Tuesday 16 September 2014 Draw for positions on ballot paper COMPLETED
Monday 20 to Friday 24 October 2014 Mail out of voting material to electors
5 pm, Friday 7 November 2014 Close of voting
9 am, Saturday 8 November 2014 Commencement of scrutiny and count

Prepare to Vote

Elections are when you get a real say.

In between elections governments want your opinions but when you vote, it counts to make the decision.

Who will steer your community for the next four years? Who will represent your area to State and Federal governments? Who will make decisions about your library, your roads, public spaces, parks and sporting facilities? Who will determine how much rates are raised and how they are spent?

The answer is: the people who win your Council elections.

So who wants the job? A list of all Council candidates can be found here: More information will be available by the end of September here:

So how do I vote?

Unlike State and Federal elections, the election comes to you via postal voting. You don’t have to go to a voting booth. Ballot papers will be posted to you along with a booklet about candidates. You vote with numbers – “1” for your first preference and where there is more than one position you vote “2” for you second preference and so on up to the number of vacancies to be filled or for all candidates.

You will receive papers in the last week of October. We suggest you vote immediately, place the papers in the special reply-paid envelope provided following instructions carefully and post it straight back. Envelopes must reach the Electoral Commission by 5pm on Friday 7 November.

Then electoral officers count all the votes and results will be published the following week on this website.

If you want to know more about the process, visit

If you want to know more about Council Elections visit

What Do Elected Members Do?

There are some specific roles which an elected member is expected to perform. Elected Members:

  • represent the interests of ratepayers and residents
  • provide leadership and guidance to the community
  • act as a conduit between the community and Council
  • attend Council meetings and other workshops and briefings
  • participate in Council’s decision making
  • participate in the civic activities of Council
  • participate in setting Council’s strategic directions
  • oversee the Council budget, including its resource allocation, expenditure and service delivery

How Much Time Will You Need to Commit?

When you take on the role of elected member you are committing yourself to a number of hours extra work each month. There are Council meetings to attend, agenda papers and other reports to read. To assist you in your role there will also be briefings and workshops conducted by staff and other professionals. Attendance at community events is also recommended as this is how you will get to know your community and find out what is important.

Allowances and Expenses

While the role of an elected member is not a paid position, an allowance is paid to cover some of your costs. Elected Member allowances are set before each new Council term by the State Remuneration Tribunal. The new Council will receive the following allowances:

Mayor: $76,000

Councillors: $19,000

Elected members are also entitled to claim for reimbursement of some expenses such as prescribed travel costs and child care.

Advice for potential candidates

  • you must be an Australian citizen
  • make sure you are on the State Electoral roll, or Council’s Voters roll if you are not already on it
  • do some research about Council and its functions and services
  • come to a Council meeting to see how meetings are conducted and the matters which are discussed
  • you will receive an intensive induction program should you be elected to Council

If you would like information on becoming an elected member of Council, contact Meredith Nunan on or 8372 8837.

Election Signs and Caretaker Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

All questions asked by candidates and prospective candidates, together with the answers provided by the Administration, are available here.


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