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The City of Mitcham is proud of its reputation as a clean and green City. Councils across Australia are playing a lead role in environmental action. With their communities, they are embracing the message of 'think globally and act locally'. The impetus behind Councils' commitment to environmental protection comes directly from their communities. It is impossible to ignore. As the level of government closest to the community, the message being sent is that something must be done to preserve the resources of the planet for future generations.

This raises challenging questions for us all. Is it our responsibility to tackle global warming, to preserve biodiversity, or even to reduce our level of waste? The answer is 'yes', it is everybody's responsibility. It is at the local level that national and international responses to environmental challenges become a reality. In recent years the City of Mitcham has sought to advance the principles of ecologically sustainable development in its own operations and in the broader community.

If you would like to find out more about the City of Mitcham's local environment, Council has put together an Environment Snapshot to assist Council and the Community in better understanding our surrounding environment and the key management issues. You can get a copy of the Environment Snapshot 2007 at the Mitcham Civic Centre or by clicking the link below.

Environment Snapshot 2007

Local Environmental Groups

If you would like to actively get involved in the environment, the City of Mitcham has many active environmental groups. A comprehensive list of Community and Environmental Action Groups in the City of Mitcham, along with their contact details, can be found on our Community Information page; just click on the document link titled 'Community Service Clubs and Environmental Action Groups'.

The list also includes State wide groups, many of which are always looking for volunteers of all ages, such as Conservation Volunteers Australia.

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