Electronic Waste (e-waste)

What is E-waste?

Electronic waste (e-waste) are products with a power cord or battery that have reached the end of their useful life.

Examples of e-waste include:

  • Televisions
  • Computers (eg monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards and mice)
  • Telecommunications equipment (eg faxes, mobile phones and cordless phones)
  • Small household appliances (eg toasters, vacuums and microwaves)
  • Electrical and electronic tools (eg sewing machines, drills, electric mowers and electric toys)
  • Entertainment equipment (eg cameras, game consoles, DVD players and stereos)

Since 2013 all e-waste has been banned from landfill. Unwanted e-waste needs to be taken to a suitable e-waste recycling facility for dismantling and re-manufacturing.

Why recycle E-waste?

Almost all components of e-waste can be recycled. In fact about 90% of what is used to make televisions and computers can be recycled! E-waste contains non-renewable materials such as copper, nickel, tin, zinc and aluminium, but also hazardous materials including lead, mercury, cadmium and lithium. By recycling e-waste these materials are recovered and used to make new products.

E-waste recycling locations

There are a variety of facilities that accept e-waste throughout Adelaide with some sites accepting e-waste for free and others charging a small fee. Please note some sites also only accept TVs and computers through the National TV and Computer Scheme.

Nearby sites include:

Lions Bargain Centre

Colebrook Drive, Eden Hills
Phone 8370 2144
Unplug N’ Drop site
Only open Saturday 8.30am to 12.30pm

Bunnings Marion

461 Morphett Road, Oaklands Park
Phone 8372 7600
Unplug N’ Drop site
Only small to medium size e-waste. No large TVs, fridges or freezers

 Harvey Norman Marion

822-826 Marion Road, Marion
Phone 8375 7777
Unplug N’ Drop site 

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre

181 Morphett Road, North Plympton
Phone 8295 5077
TVs and computers are free. Fees apply for other e-waste

 Advanced Recycling Technologies (ART)

3/13 Chrysler Road, Lonsdale
Phone 8186 5883
Please contact ART prior to dropping off items to ensure still accepting e-waste due to quota limits.

Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre

Scott Creek Road, Heathfield
Phone 8339 4323
Unplug N’ Drop site

 Electronic Recycling Australia

149 Holbrooks Road, Underdale
Phone 8374 2276
Unplug N’ Drop site

Additional Unplug N' Drop sites can be found here: https://www.electronicrecyclingaustralia.com.au/ 


Do not dump your unwanted items in the street, at a reserve or park, or along roadsides or other community areas. Littering is an offence and fines up to $1,000 can apply.

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