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Federal Election Priority Projects

The City of Mitcham is seeking a commitment from the Federal government to provide funding support to deliver the following projects:

Regional Playground

Council has identified a number of potential sites for installation of a regional playground. In concept, a regional playground is a major destination which would provide play equipment, experiential features, picnic facilities and related infrastructure such as tables, shelters, BBQs, toilets and car parking. The concept is that the regional playground would be of a scale to attract families, groups, special needs and community groups to use the facilities and return on a regular basis.

Regional Playground(43 kb)

Development of the Brownhill Creek Precinct at Hawthorn with Community Access to Mitcham Library

Implementation of the Hawthorn Reserves and Brownhill Creek Master Plan presents an opportunity to significantly improve the amenity and functionality of a key open space corridor in the centre of Mitcham. The Mitcham Library currently has limited space. There is an opportunity to re-develop the Library to take advantage of its natural setting as part of the implementation of the Hawthorn Reserves and Brown Hill Creek Master Plan.

Development of the Brownhill Creek Precinct at Hawthorn with Community Access to Mitcham Library(46 kb)

Water for Mitcham Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse

The City of Mitcham prides itself on the extent and quality of its streetscapes, parks and open space. Many streets within the City are lined with mature trees and many of Council’s reserves have irrigation systems which provide green space within otherwise residential areas.

In order to maintain the extensive tree stock, as well as maintain green parks and open space, council has developed a multi-layered strategy titled Water for Mitcham which aims to deploy a range of water harvesting and reuse technologies to maintain health tree and grass growth.

Water for Mitcham Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse(53 kb)

Darlington Upgrade and Innovation Hub

Council has been working with the community and Flinders University to examine alternative designs for the proposed Darlington Upgrade Project which better supports the development of an innovation precinct connecting the new Tonsley innovation Hub, Flinders Medical Centre and the Flinders University.

The alternative design is based on building a free-way below ground in two relatively narrow trenches with land bridges across the trench at strategic locations to provide connectivity across the free-way corridor at ground level. This mosaic of wide bridges joins to a central boulevard which would provide ground level travel on a local street network.

Developments such as integrated residential/retail premises, commercial office buildings, education, research and recreational developments could be adjacent to the free-way, serviced by the local surface road network to create a substantial, new urban village which would encourage entrepreneurs, residents and professionals to live and work in a village style environment. Funding is sought to support the development of the concepts and to build infrastructure which would support jobs growth and ongoing investment by institutions and commercial developers.

Darlington Upgrade and Innovation Hub(49 kb)

Realignment of the Daws, Springbank and Goodwood Roads Intersection

There has been significant resident complaints about this intersection over many years. The intersection is a key east west route; however it is highly inefficient and causes significant delays. To resolve would require land acquisition and the creation of one intersection rather than the existing two intersections. The cost is beyond local government and the issue is a shared one across the different levels of government.

Realignment of the Daws Springbank and Goodwood Roads Intersection(46 kb)

Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project

The overriding objective of the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project’s Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) is to significantly reduce the flooding risk to thousands of homes and businesses across metropolitan Adelaide. 

To achieve this, funding assistance is required to implement the proposed flood mitigation works in the SMP.

The project’s five catchment councils have already agreed on their apportionments for the local government share of the cost, with funding support from State and Federal Governments critical for proposed works to be fully implemented. 

The project has developed a brochure for government representatives, which reiterates the need for costs to be evenly shared between the three spheres of government – Local, State and Federal. 

Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project Funding(4580 kb)

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