Council Services on Catastrophic and Extreme Fire Risk Days

Council services will be restricted in the Mitcham Council's high fire risk area during a declared fire danger rating of Catastrophic or Extreme Fire Danger Warning for the Mount Lofty Ranges District.

Council has reviewed its operational practices to ensure the safety of staff and volunteers in response to the changes to the national fire danger warning system developed on the findings of the Victorian Bushfire Commission for Catastrophic and Extreme Fire Danger Warnings.

In the event of a Catastrophic and Extreme Fire Danger Warning Council services will be restricted in the designated "Higher Fire Risk Area" of Council.

Services that will be affected are:

Library Services

Blackwood Library and Toy Library will be closed. Services will continue to be provided at Mitcham Library.

Waste Collection

The collection of domestic waste (blue lid bin), green organic bin (green lid) and the recyclables bin (yellow lid) will not occur. Residents should leave their bins out until collected as services will be re-scheduled as soon as appropriate. 

If there are a number of Extreme or Catastrophic fire danger rating days forecast, or running one after the other, Council will assess the lowest risk time to collect waste.

There is also the potential for bin collection services in the days following a Catastrophic or Extreme Fire Danger Day to be affected as Council work towards restoring the normal bin collection schedule. Residents should leave their bins out until collected. Where necessary Council will operate the waste and recycling trucks on weekends until the bins in all areas have been collected. 

Lynton Green Waste Depot

The Lynton Green Waste Depot will be closed.

Animal Management and other General Compliance

Attendance by Council concerning routine matters that have been reported will not occur. However, all matters should continue to be reported.

Community Bus and Personal Transport

The Community Bus and Personal Transport services will not operate. These services will resume as soon as the fire danger rating is downgraded.

Home Maintenance and Social Programs

Home Maintenance and Social Programs will not operate. These services will resume as soon as the fire danger rating is downgraded.

Council Facilities

Routine maintenance services for Council facilities will be re-scheduled.


Emergency situations that require the attendance of Council will be assessed on an individual basis.


Appointments with Council officers will be re-scheduled. Council will contact relevant parties as appropriate, or alternatively contact can be made with the relevant officer to re-schedule the service.

Other Matters

All matters requiring the attendance of Council will be attended to as soon as appropriate once the fire danger rating has been downgraded. All matters that can be dealt with over the counter at the Civic Centre or by telephone or Internet will occur as per usual.

All the above services will continue to operate on days of Extreme and Catastrophic Fire Danger Warnings in the designated "Safer Work Area" of Council.

Council will continue to monitor the situation in relation to emergencies and/or essential services if the Fire Danger Warning extends over three days. Information and updates will be provided on Council's website and community service announcements.

Mitcham Council's Designated "Higher Fire Risk Area" and "Safer Work Area"
The City of Mitcham "Safer Work Area" is identified in green and the "Higher Fire Risk Area" is identified in pink on the map below. The Boundaries surrounding the "High Fire Risk Area" are defined by the following streets:

Safer Work Area

Please note the operational services will operate on both sides of the road along the boundary line between the "Safer Work Area" and "High Fire Risk Area"

West:  University Drive, corner of Sturt Road and Shepherds Hill Road.

North/West: Shepherds Hill Road, Ayliffes Road, Fiveash Drive, Barcroft Street, Quinton Avenue, Tumby Boulevard, Kimba Grove, The Piazza, Quinton Avenue, Toohey Crescent, Kalka Crescent, Grandview Crescent, Hare Crescent, Moasca Avenue, Grandview Crescent, Warren Crescent, Bata Crescent, Alpha Crescent, Stone Street, Panorama Drive, Hogarth Road, Sleepshill Drive, Hillview Avenue, Alpha Crescent, Doris Street, O'Neil Street, Strathcona Avenue, Barretts Road, Belair Road, Alton Avenue, Parkers Road, Braemar Road, Eli Street, Ford Avenue, Glenburnie Avenue, Anderson Avenue, Old Belair Road, Blythewood Road, Lisburnie Avenue, Chelmsford Avenue, Northbrook Avenue, Old Belair Road, High Street, Brownhill Creek Road, Carrick Hill Drive to top of Carrick Hill Drive car park and down to Rectory Walk, Woodland Road, Meadowvale Road, Glenwood Road, Hillside Road, Newenham Road, Delamere Avenue, Waite Road, Glenwood Grove, Pitcairn Avenue, Barr-Smith Drive, Oakdene Close, to the end of Birksgate Drive, back down to Coppins Road, through to Cross Road, to South Eastern Freeway to Mt Barker Road. 

East: South Eastern Freeway (Council's eastern boundary) 

South: Sturt River

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