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Full Council

The Council is the main decision making body. Decisions of the Council are made through Full Council. All committees make recommendations to Full Council for determination. Informed decision making is critical to ensuring that decisions are made in the best interests of the wider community. 

The Council meets at 7 pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month except:

  • January when it meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month only; and
  • December when it meets on the second Tuesday only; and
  • The second meeting of April when it will meet on Wednesday 26 April 2017 owing to Anzac Day falling on the Tuesday

Informed decision making is critical to ensuring that decisions are made in the best interests of the wider community.  Therefore, if an issue is considered to be significant and complex, the matter may be presented to Council more than once to ensure the community has the opportunity to engage with Elected Members prior to a decision being made.

The methods undertaken are:

  • The matter is presented to Council at a briefing prior to a report being considered at the Full Council meeting for decision.


  • An information paper which does not require a resolution, signalling the opportunity to suspend proceedings to enable presentations and discussion during a Full Councill meeting, will be included on a Council Agenda prior to the item being presented to a Full Council meeting for a decision.


The Full Council is comprised of the Mayor and ward Councillors:

Mayor Glenn Spear
Cr Adriana Christopoulos
Cr Andrew Tilley
Cr Stephen Fisher
Cr Adrian Rosevear
Cr John Sanderson
Cr Nicholas Economos
Cr David Munro
Cr Yvonne Todd
Cr Nick Greer
Cr Karen Hockley
Cr Lindy Taeuber
Cr Tim Hein
Cr Jane Bange

Terms of Reference

As set out in the Local Government Act 1999.

Notice of Next Meetings

Ordinary meetings of Full Council will be held in the Council Chambers at 7 pm on the following dates:

24 January 2017
14 February 2017
28 February 2017
14 March 2017
28 March 2017
11 April 2017
Wednesday 26 April 2017
9 May 2017
23 May 2017
13 June 2017
27 June 2017
11 July 2017
25 July 2017
8 August 2017
22 August 2017
12 September 2017
26 September 2017
10 October 2017
24 October 2017
14 November 2017
28 November 2017
12 December 2017

All are welcome to attend.

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Full Council Agendas and Minutes

February 28 2017
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February 14 2017
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January 24 2017
.pdf24 January 2017 Full Council AgendaAgendas
.pdf24 January 2017 Full Council MinutesMinutes
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