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A home that is safe, secure, clean and tidy is essential to your sense of well being and independence.  It is frustrating to be unable to carry out basic tasks around the house and garden. We can assist through a range of services designed to take care of essential tasks that help you remain in your home, reassured that all is well. 

Our home and garden maintenance and home security and safety services are delivered by our team of trained Home Maintenance Officers, renowned for their friendliness, courtesy and professionalism.  As well as assessing your immediate maintenance requirements, they can consult with you on ongoing property needs, so as to minimise future emergencies as far as possible and assist you to plan ahead. 

You can also have yearly services placed as a regular booking and we will contact you when the service is due. Just let the team know what suits you.

Read on for details of our Home Care Services:

Home and Garden Maintenance

The Service

Home and Garden Maintenance provides basic maintenance and minor modifications to eligible residents, with the aim of helping you maintain your health, safety and independence in your home. Our Home Maintenance Officers deliver these services in most cases, or where the work requires a trade or specialist expertise, a Council approved contractor is employed. Services include maintenance tasks essential to ensuring home safety and security, but exclude cosmetic work such as garden landscaping, weeding etc.

What support is available?

  • Minor home maintenance
  • Minor home modifications (see the Home Security and Safety section for details)
  • Small plumbing jobs
  • Changing light globes
  • Installing battery operated smoke detectors and changing batteries
  • Safety gardening – up to 4 hours per year
  • Installing key safes
  • Gutter cleaning – once a year to single storey dwellings
  • Rubbish and green waste removal – twice per year, maximum of two ute loads at one time

How long will I have to wait?

Services are provided within a timeframe of between two working days and up to three months, depending on priority. Waiting lists may apply for lower priority jobs.

Priority is assessed on a case by case basis, according to circumstances. Work that is essential and required to address a safety or security risk is given higher priority (for example trimming overhanging branches that pose a safety hazard).

Additional services

Council will subsidise the cost of work that requires a specialised tradesperson, additional equipment or technical expertise in cases where this work is considered essential and is required to address a safety or security risk. Such jobs may include plumbing (e.g. to fix a blocked toilet or to replace tap styles), fixing an electrical fault, installing or repairing main door locks or essential tree lopping. All subsidised work must be approved by Council prior to commencement. Subsidised services are carried out only by contractors fully approved by Council.

What services are not included?

Services do not include painting, planting, weeding, digging, lawn mowing, or any work that could be thought of as desirable, but not strictly necessary to maintain your home in a safe and secure condition. Work on hot water systems or air conditioning units in roof spaces is also not included. However if your hot water system is leaking, please call us as we may be able to undertake temporary repairs to protect your safety, prior to more specialised work being carried out. In cases where work required is outside our scope, we can provide information to help you find a solution.

How much does it cost?

Home maintenance fees

How do I apply?

Telephone the Senior Coordinator of Home Care on 8374 7724.

 Home and Garden Maintenance customer testimonial


Home Security and Safety

The Service

The Home Security and Safety service provides assistance with the installation of main door and window locks (in limited numbers) and battery operated smoke detectors. Our Home Maintenance Officers are accredited by SAPOL to conduct basic home safety assessments, should you require this service.

Hand and grab rails, magnetic door catches and hand held shower heads can also be installed by one of Council’s approved contractors subject to prior Occupational Therapy assessment, which can be arranged through Access2HomeCare by telephoning 1300 130 551.

How long will I have to wait?

Services are provided within a timeframe of between two working days and up to three months, depending on priority. Priority is assessed on a case by case basis, according to circumstances. Waiting lists may apply for lower priority jobs. Work that is essential and required to address a high risk to safety and security, for example installation of hand rails, is given higher priority.

How much does it cost? 

Home Security and Safety fees

How do I apply?

Phone the Senior Coordinator of Home Care on 8374 7724.


Home and Garden Maintenace Brochure

Domestic Assistance

The Service

Short term domestic cleaning assistance (usually six visits) is available to eligible residents who are temporarily unable to perform essential household tasks (usually due to illness or injury or the need for respite). Longer term assistance for up to 12 months may be available, depending on individual circumstances. The service is subject to regular reviews with the Domestic Assistance Coordinator. Work is carried out only by contractors fully approved by Council. All domestic assistance arrangements are individualised to suit your needs and circumstances. If you wish to continue to carry out some tasks yourself and have the capacity to do so, the contractor can work together with you.

Domestic assistance can be flexible in regard to duration, frequency and the specific services provided. This is determined in consultation with you and takes into account what you want to do yourself and what will help you to stay safe at home and promotes your wellbeing.

Am I eligible?

General conditions of eligibility for Community Wellbeing services apply. If applying for domestic assistance you should meet the following additional criteria:

  • You live independently
  • You are unable to manage essential domestic duties safely yourself
  • You are not eligible for services from any other provider.
  • You have no other reasonable and immediate access to domestic assistance

What support is available?

Short term

Provides assistance to meet an immediate need for cleaning for a short period only, for example following illness, surgery or accident or when your carer, if you have one, needs respite. The aim of this service is to support you in regaining your independence. Most general household duties are included, for example vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and toilets and laundry assistance.

Spring cleaning

This service is designed for residents who manage on a day to day basis but would benefit from a thorough clean intermittently. Tasks include such things as high level dusting, window cleaning, cleaning out of cupboards and fridges.

Fixed term cleaning for a maximum of 12 months (not always available)

This service is provided in circumstances where the short term service is not quite adequate to support your transition to independence or when you are on a waiting list for a package of long term care from another provider. The Coordinator will visit you at home to consult on your needs. Where needs are expected to be ongoing, information about options for longer term assistance can be provided. Requests for this service need to be referred by Access2Home Care (1300 130 551).

How long will I have to wait?

For short term and spring cleaning services there is usually no waiting period except at times of high demand. Fixed term cleaning services are subject to availability of the service provider and requests need to be referred by Access2HomeCare (1300 130 551).

What services are not included?

  • Longer term or ongoing cleaning (in excess of 12 months), however we can assist with facilitated referrals, if appropriate
  • Personal care or meal preparation

How much does it cost?

 Domestic Assistance fees

How do I apply?

If new to our services please contact Access2HomeCare on 1300 130 551.

 Domestic Assistance Service customer testimonial
 Domestic Assistance brochure

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