LED Street Lighting Upgrade

LED Light Upgrade Project

The City of Mitcham has completed upgrading 4,980 residential street lights to LED. 

The new LED lights provide more directional light with less back spill and are 82% more energy efficient reducing greenhouse gas emissions (approximately 605 tonnes CO2 equivalent a year). 

Council will now commence a review to consider the benefits to transition lighting in reserves, along main roads and other decorative lights to LED to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance as well as improving lighting levels. 

Street lighting is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions by Local Government in Australia. To reduce Mitcham’s carbon footprint we are upgrading over 5,000 street lights to energy efficient LED lights in 2018. 

LED lights not only provide a better light they also use less energy. By introducing LED lighting we will lower greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 605 tonnes a year and save $293,000 annually through reduced energy usage and lower maintenance costs. 

How much will it cost? 

The project which will initially cost approximately $2.2 million will be offset by savings in electricity charges, lower maintenance costs and reduced lighting tariffs. 

How much money will it save? 

Each year Council will save approximately $293,000 through reduced energy usage and lower maintenance costs. 

When will the lights be upgraded? 

We will begin upgrading street lights in February and complete the project by mid 2018. 

Who is upgrading the street lights? LED Light

The City of Mitcham is funding the project and has engaged Enveren, a subsidiary business owned by SA Power Networks to upgrade the street lights with LEDs and recycle old street lights. 

What Happens to the old street lights? 

Old street lights will be recycled by Enerven to prevent heavy metals and other hazardous substances entering landfill. 

Council as part of this project will also receive carbon credit payments of approximately $28,000 over seven years through the Federal Government’s Emission Reduction Funding scheme. 

More Information on the LED street lighting 

If you would like to find out more information on the LED Street Lighting Replacement program please visit www.enerven.com.au/projects/city-of-mitcham-led-upgrade/mitcham 

When will my street be upgraded? 

To find out when street lighting on your street will be upgraded please visit www.enerven.com.au/projects/city-of-mitcham-led-upgrade/mitcham 

Who do I contact if I am worried about my street lighting? 

All the information about the LED Street Lighting Upgrade Program is available online at www.enerven.com.au/projects/city-of-mitcham-led-upgrade/mitcham or call the City of Mitcham on 8372 8888.

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