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Elected Members

The City of Mitcham comprises members of the community elected to represent that community and an administration of employed persons who carry out the policies and directions of these Elected Members. The Elected Members, who receive an allowance for their services, are appointed at Council Elections and serve a four-year term of office. Council consists of 13 Councillors: two representing five wards including Boorman, Babbage, Overton, Gault, and The Park; three representing Craigburn Ward, and the Mayor: a total of 14 Elected Members.

Your Elected Members represent the community and work with administration to ensure that Mitcham is A safe, healthy, tolerant and prosperous community, living and working in harmony with the environment.

Elected Members dedicate a great deal of their time to working with a number of committees, community groups and individuals as well as Full Council and address numerous issues.

Issues which your Elected Members can assist you with range from traffic regulation, open space, youth facilities, recycling and community events to matters concerning business development, lobbying State and Federal Government and City budget accountability.

Inquiries into issues should be directed to your Ward Councillor in the first instance. If you are not sure which Ward you live in visit our map.

Invitations for Elected Members to attend community functions may be addressed either directly to the invitee or to the Council Civic Centre.

You may also contact Elected Members through the Council Civic Centre. The details are:

City of Mitcham
PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Torrens Park SA 5062

Telephone 8372 8888
Facsimile 8372 8101


Spear, Glenn



Babbage Ward

Munro, David

Elected Member Babbage Ward
Ward: Babbage Ward

Todd, Yvonne

Elected Member of Babbage Ward
Ward: Babbage Ward

Boorman Ward

Christopoulos, Adriana

Elected Member Boorman Ward
Ward: Boorman Ward

Tilley, Andrew

Elected Member for Boorman Ward
Ward: Boorman Ward

Craigburn Ward

Greer, Nick

Elected Member for the Craigburn Ward
Ward: Craigburn Ward

Hockley, Karen

Elected Member Craigburn Ward
Ward: Craigburn Ward

Taeuber, Lindy

Elected Member Craigburn Ward
Ward: Craigburn Ward

Gault Ward

Fisher, Stephen

Elected Member Gault Ward
Ward: Gault Ward

Rosevear, Adrian

Elected Member Gault Ward
Ward: Gault Ward

Overton Ward

Economos, Nicholas

Elected Member of Overton Ward
Ward: Overton Ward

Sanderson, John

Elected Member Overton Ward
Ward: Overton Ward

The Park Ward

Hein, Tim

Elected Member The Park Ward
Ward: The Park Ward


Ward: The Park Ward
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City of Mitcham -ABN 92 180 069 793
131 Belair Road, Torrens Park SA 5062
T: +61 8 8372 8888 | F: +61 8 83728101
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