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Munro, David

Mr David Munro

Position Elected Member Babbage Ward
Ward Babbage Ward
Suburbs Babbage Ward encompasses the suburbs of Pasadena, Panorama, Bedford Park, St Marys and part of Clapham.
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
4 Railway Terrace
Contact Details Mobile: 0403 161 462
Fax: 8372 8101
Term Dates From 14/11/2014

August 2017 

Social Media

I am not a fan of social media, never have been and have always thought it best to keep in touch by phone, email or face to face. Seems the norm is becoming that social media is the preferred method of communications. Recently I have seen the effects of the keyboard ninjas that like to spruik their achievements without consideration to others. It allows the ninjas to put forward one side of a story and does not provide a right of reply. Full control is obtained by the ninjas and they control what is on there and what isn’t. 

I am not on social media as I think it does more harm than good. Sure it means I can’t spruik what am I doing on a weekly basis and I can’t have my ugly mug appear on your phone or tablet having me attend something. I can’t show you what events I am going to and I can’t tell you all about each meeting and how you are getting value from your Elected Member. So I won’t win the competition of attending the most briefings, have the most likes but what I can do is support you through the issues you have with Council whether it be footpaths, rubbish, rates or developments that impact on you, I will follow through with. My role is to represent the whole of Mitcham and look towards what is best for us as ratepayers. I am not out to blow my own trumpet and beat my own chest on what I have achieved. If you need help then just ask me and I will own it and follow it through. I will be honest with you and if I can’t do anything about it I will tell you but if I can do something I most certainly will. 

Centennial Park

Has sparked my interest again, I understand that the park needs to drive investment and advertise, but really do we need a bright green sign advertising vaults across the road from a retirement village? Surely the residents of the area don’t need to open their windows each morning to see that vaults are available. Can’t we have the appropriate and classy glass panels back that had Centennial Park on it? 


Another year has passed and another budget handed down. I asked some questions to administration in regard property valuations and how rates are calculated. Whilst the chamber voted for a 2.9% rate rise it doesn’t necessarily mean that your rates are going up by that amount. You may be one of the lucky ones that your rates has decreased due to your valuation change but for the most of us it means we will cop another increase which I did not vote for.

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