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Mr Glenn Spear

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Term Dates From 14/11/2014

April 2018

As we quickly approach the next State Election we have been working hard as a Council to gain as much benefit as possible for the City of Mitcham and our residents. Candidates from the major parties have been invited to meet with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and myself to discuss the needs and key issues within the City of Mitcham. We have presented each candidate with a wish-list for funding of key projects within the relevant electorates. 

The City of Mitcham has been extremely successful in recent times, with promises of significant grants and funding from both major parties. Ideally, we find ourselves, as we have done in the past, in a position to pressure all parties to commit to funding to ensure that City of Mitcham projects receive the attention they deserve, no matter who wins seats or forms Government. I acknowledge and thank those State and Federal representatives for their involvement. 

We are currently in the midst of budget preparations the City of Mitcham finds itself in a strong financial position. It is abundantly clear that the majority of our residents hold concerns about the cost of Council rates and the impact this has on their lives. In the past, we have seen rate rises in the vicinity of 4-7% which is unacceptable to me, and I have actively driven the Council towards cutting wastage and unnecessary costs, including the cost of staff wages. As the Chair of the CEO Performance Review Committee we have set our CEO Mr Matthew Pears the specific KPI of not increasing full-time staff members without a resolution of Council, meaning Elected Members must vote for an increase in staff. I am pleased to say that I have full confidence that our CEO will rise to this challenge as he has done in the past. By implementing such measures, I believe that this year we can deliver a rate increase below 3%. We still have Elected Members on Mitcham Council who do not support striving to keep rates as low as possible, so I encourage all residents to actively talk to their ward Councillors. 

There has been some negative publicity recently centred around credit card expenditure by some Councils. I have inspected the previous eighteen months credit card charges of our CEO and have absolute confidence in his integrity. Residents can rest assured that there are no golf club memberships, overseas travel or expenditure on lawyers to settle in fighting amongst Elected Members in our Council. 

I am pleased to report that our second attempt to have all Elected Members expenses disclosed on the Council website was successfully passed. Disappointingly, our push for greater transparency was not supported by all, with four Elected Members speaking against the motion. A copy of Council minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 13 February 2018, including the results of this vote, can be viewed on the City of Mitcham website 

 To keep up to date with what I am currently working on, follow me at www.facebook.com/GlennWSpear/

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