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December 2017

A rather topical subject in Local Government at the moment is that surrounding conduct of Citizenship Ceremonies on Australia Day. As part of the ceremony conducted under Federal Law we welcome members of our community as new Australian Citizens. We do so without regard to their religious beliefs, their gender, their political affiliation and of course their country of origin. We pay tribute to the first Australians and acknowledge their history as custodians of this wonderful country. I am disappointed that some in Local Government see it their role to challenge this ceremony. I strongly believe that Local Government has no mandate to bring such political issues to our Council agendas. Once Councils attempt to interfere in Federal and State politics we are not doing the job we were elected to do. Some Councillors believe we have a role to play in Federal politics; I do not agree and believe those councillors with a political agenda have a capacity to increase costs. Ultimately the ratepayer meets that financial burden through increased rates. 

We have seven candidates running for Gault Ward. I am pleased to report that in a “Meet the Candidate” session all stated that they had NO political affiliation. I believe that is an excellent outcome. 

We had extensive debate in Council recently around use of mobile phones in Council meetings. I was quite disappointed that some Elected Members feel it necessary to use phones actively during meetings. In my opinion this is dis-respectful and I am sure our community would agree. The vote is recorded in the minutes of the meeting of 24th October on our website. 

I have written to the Hon Peter Malinauskas, Minister for Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Mr Ray Creen, Chief Executive Officer, of the ACH Group,  the new owners of Repatriation General Hospital site, with a request to discuss the need and opportunities for the community to have access to a pool facility. There is no doubt these facilities could provide much needed services to the Mitcham community. 

As we move towards our bushfire season Council is now offering a number of free green waste days across the entire season with the hope that residents will take advantage to clear properties prior to the bushfire season. I had a meeting with State and Local CFS representatives who are working through preventative measures. I urge you to please clear your properties prior to summer and keep it clear for the entire season. 

As the year draws to a close Tracey and I would like to thank the staff and volunteers of the City of Mitcham for their hard work throughout the year. 

We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas. 

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