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Term Dates From 14/11/2014

June 2018

We have all read of the so called “china sword” decision to stop accepting recyclable material. The ramifications are now impacting the waste disposal market. Now I could hardly describe myself as a radical “greenie” but I do think sending plastics offshore is unacceptable. 

The financial impact will be significant on our City and we are working hard to find alternative methods of dealing with our waste. Mitcham collects its own domestic waste (blue) bins and I am happy that we do this in-house. I hear many compliments from residents about the service offered by our own staff. Our staff know many residents and have been known to enquire as to the well-being of elderly residents if bins have not been put out. Currently our recycling (yellow) and green waste bins are handled by a jointly owned subsidiary. We will investigate all aspects of dealing with our waste collection. 

A new government has been elected and we will probably have rate capping in some form. I have always said that if appropriately implemented the measure may provide protection to our residents. Whilst our Council is performing with integrity I am fearful that the ever increasing number of Elected Members with political agendas may choose to “pork-barrel” and spend for their own political gain. The residents will pick up the tab in future years.

I am pleased to report that Mitcham Council will deliver $600,000 in efficiency savings next financial year. I acknowledge the work of our Chief Executive Officer Matt Pears and his team for delivering these gains. Our executive delivered all credit card statements to our audit team for review. I have also personally examined the credit card statement of our Chief Executive Officer to ensure it is used appropriately. 

I moved a motion to have all consultants fees listed at the head of reports. This will enable Elected Members and the public to readily identify when outside resources are used. I believe that too many consultants are used throughout government and that we should have full disclosure. 

Work has commenced on the Mitcham Memorial Library and I believe we will deliver a huge increase in the floor space and amenity for a fraction of the cost of building a whole new facility. I thank the Library team for working in difficult conditions whilst the work is underway. 

We have commenced work on planning for a new library and community centre for Blackwood. The works should be completed in time for concept plans to be presented to Federal candidates at the up-coming election. I hope that we will be in a position to apply for funding for the significant investment. 

It is volunteer month and I take this opportunity of thanking the 365 volunteers that provide dedicated service to our community. 

It was also a pleasure for Tracey and myself to honour our service personnel at the various Anzac Day Memorial Events - “Lest We Forget”. 

To keep up to date with what I am currently working on, follow me at www.facebook.com/GlennWSpear/

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