Fisher, Stephen

Mr Stephen Fisher

Position Elected Member Gault Ward
Ward Gault Ward
Suburbs Gault Ward encompasses the suburbs of Hawthorn, Westbourne Park, Lower Mitcham and part of Colonel Light Gardens and Clapham.
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Contact Details Mobile: 0407 973 321
Fax: 8372 8101
Term Dates From 12/11/2018

February 2019

We had massive fish deaths in the Darling, a vital part of the Murray River’s water intake, indicating a drought, but also criminal mismanaging of the Murray Darling Basin. We are warned that with the record heat, wider fish-kills will occur. 

Our newly elected Premier is pushing the same old tired push for higher population in Adelaide, when our fresh water supply is only just adequate, in our driest state in the driest continent. 

Australia’s population growth is stretching our water resources, pricing young first-home buyers out, and undoing any infrastructure improvements. 

The concept that population growth is vital to our economy is proven to be wrong as wages flat-line, and our young struggle to obtain their first job. The Federal Government crowing that “we’ve produced over a million jobs” rings hollow, when the population needing those jobs has risen by many more. 

Council’s Long Term Financial Plan, which forecasts 4% rises per year, are unlikely to be politically acceptable or possible. This means that projected future surplus budgets are illusory; Council’s rate revenue funds will need to be carefully husbanded, and not presumed to be available for any “Taj Mahal” future spending. 

I look forward to a term of maximising outcomes for the least spends.

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