Fisher, Stephen

Mr Stephen Fisher

Position Elected Member Gault Ward
Ward Gault Ward
Suburbs Gault Ward encompasses the suburbs of Hawthorn, Westbourne Park, Lower Mitcham, Colonel Light Gardens and part of Clapham.
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Contact Details Mobile: 0407 973 321
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Term Dates From 14/11/2014

August 2017

The new "No Rules set of Planning Rules" will start later this year. Every Councils’ Development Plan has been nullified, replaced by a single statewide one. 

The latest disaster is an application to build on the old Ampol site on 429 Goodwood Road, (southeast corner of Angas Road), with a proposal for offices on the ground floor and 8 units above. These are little more than bedsits, with few windows and barely any setback from Goodwood Road. Presumably these will be labelled “student accommodation”. The application is Category 3, which allows community submissions. See

Applications for so-called “student accommodation” are being used to cram too many flats, (some would call them dogboxes) onto an allotment. They will likely become future slums, when their newness ages. 

I urge all who do not wish to see their suburb downgraded by these types of proposals to make submissions against them. 

Michael Lennon,the architect of the SA Government’s 2020 Vision, stated“Everyone seems to support (urban consolidation) except perhaps the vast majority of the Australian public. As planners, we need to avoid the intellectual arrogance that assumes we know better than everyone else, that somehow life in the suburbs is dreadful”. “The notion that somehow people would actually prefer more compact urban form goes against every available piece of evidence. We need to ask the people of Australia whether in fact they like the suburbs. The truth is we planned them because the standards of housing, the kinds of areas that we created were what people wanted. If we want to turn over 150 years of culture in Australia, we are facing up to a very big task and I am not confident that we will succeed. But we are not going to contain the cities, and we are not going to turn upside down the legitimate aspirations of the Australian people." 

The rules of planning for fully built suburbs could be so simply expressed:

  1. Nothing should be approved unless it improves, and at least maintains, the amenity and streetscape of the vicinity.
  2. Maintaining the existing front boundary setbacks to the dwelling frontage, the traditional 30% to 40% maximum site coverage, with driveway access to the rear yard, and private open space backyards of 200-300m2 is essential to the continued existence of child-friendly housing.
  3. Every owner who buys in a fully built suburb, has the right to expect that the qualities of that suburban environment will be maintained, by the planning authority.
  4. Every suburb has its own character, which is best maintained under the control of the local community through well-written rules, administered by their local council.
  5. The existing owners'/neighbours' rights should be given a higher weighting than transient “blow-in, blow-out” developers, who are seeking only maximum profit.
  6. These rules are to ensure that only complimentary development occurs within this precinct.

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