Bange, Jane

Mrs Jane Bange

Position Elected Member for The Park Ward
Ward The Park Ward
Suburbs The Park Ward encompasses the suburbs of Glenalta, Hawthorndene, part of Belair, part of Coromandel Valley, part of Upper Sturt and part of Crafers West
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
20 Gannet Avenue
Contact Details Mobile: 0478 076 400
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Term Dates From 12/11/2018

It's the time of year when Councillors receive regular briefings to finalise a draft 18/19 budget to then go out to residents for comment.  Because of decisions by past Elected Members to keep rate rises low, Council now has a considerable backlog regarding the maintenance of our assets. Those of us who are homeowners know that we frequently need to put our hands in our pockets and shell out for the upkeep of our property. If we don't, things deteriorate, our biggest asset loses value, and the ultimate repair will cost us more. I believe it's no different for Council and its assets. 

As a former dentist, I also know how easy it is to keep putting off that necessary work. I've seen many patients come in, knowing they had a cavity or two, but who constantly postponed it. When they finally do sit in the chair, I'd usually find what would have been a simple filling had turned into a complicated root canal treatment and a crown. A couple of hundred dollars spent a few years back had become several visits to the dentist and a bill of thousands. 

I firmly believe residents want value-for-money in their rates and, if they can see where their money is going and that long-standing issues of maintenance are being addressed, they will accept paying a little more in their annual rates. Councillors can't undo the poor decisions made in the past not to properly maintain our assets, but we can make the right decisions now. That is why I support full funding of our asset maintenance backlog, as recommended by our staff and, if we continue to do this each year, we will clear this backlog by 2026. It's the constant neglect of long-standing problems that I believe makes residents irate and results in frequent complaints to Council. 

Another budget issue I fully support is the provision of new footpaths. While most plain’s area of Mitcham Council are well provided with footpaths, many streets in the hills are not. However, constructing footpaths in the hills is challenging, with so narrow and winding streets, and careful route design crucial so that we don't end up with 'heavy engineering' solutions - lots of concrete retaining walls, topped with metal railings - which could undermine the very values that drew us to live here. 

Please look at our draft 18/19 budget when it gets released around May and, if you want to ask about any details, please contact me on 0478 076400. I am only too happy to come round to discuss details with you. It can be a daunting document but it is the blueprint of how we provide you with important services and maintain our assets, so I urge you to have your say on how ratepayer money should be spent. Because of short-sighted decisions made in the past to keep rate rises low, we are paying the price now.

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