Munro, Dave

Mr Dave Munro

Position Elected Member Babbage Ward
Ward Babbage Ward
Suburbs Babbage Ward encompasses the suburbs of Pasadena, Panorama, Bedford Park, St Marys and part of Clapham.
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
4 Railway Terrace
Contact Details Mobile: 0403 161 462
Fax: 8372 8101
Term Dates From 12/11/2018

April 2018 

We need your input and comments for when the next lot of budget consultation comes out which is due around April. 

Each year there is an opportunity for residents to comment on the rate rise and what services should be offered. Each year we receive little feedback from residents but this year I am hoping to receive a greater number of returns to guide the chamber. This financial year there have been recommendations by administration to review services. These reviews help to reduce the cost on Council however there has been resistance from the chamber to implement these changes. In the past the vote always is too keep the status quo, it is very rare for a service to be removed. This attitude needs to change and we need to be a braver chamber where we are confident to make the necessary changes and keep up with the changing world we live in. Just because we have always provided the service does not mean we should continue to do so. 

In my opinion we need to focus on what we do best and allow the external parties to do what they do best. There are services that consume Council resources that are not our core business and when administration recommends that we make changes the chamber has been reluctant to do so. I am not afraid to make these changes and I know that we need to keep up with the times to constantly review our services and make the hard decisions that sometimes it is no longer the role of Council. The upcoming budget review is a time when you can make your comments known and guide the chamber into whether you are happy with the services provided and whether they belong as part of the Council’s core business. Remember it is your rates and we are looking down the barrel of another rate rise which is compounded on the rate rise from the previous year and so on and so on. 

Council must consult on the upcoming budget so it would be ideal if we can hear more opinions on whether you are happy with the increase in rates and relevance of services, it’s a really good opportunity to be heard and I hope you will explore the opportunity. If you can’t wait until then I am always happy to receive your feedback either by phone or email me directly at

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