Todd, Yvonne

Ms Yvonne Todd

Position Elected Member of Babbage Ward
Ward Babbage Ward
Suburbs Babbage Ward encompasses the suburbs of Pasadena, Panorama, Bedford Park, St Marys and part of Clapham.
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Torrens Park SA 5062
Contact Details Mobile: 0418 891 097
Fax: 08 8372 8101
Term Dates From 12/11/2018

June 2018

As I reflect on my time as an Elected Member I think about “Caring for Community”. This is a fundamental ethos to all my decision making and I always ask myself, “will it be in the best interest for the whole community?” It means that I will listen carefully to what people say, understand the issues and take action to improve the situation. I don’t want to impose my opinion on the community but reflect best options. My focus is how to make Babbage Ward better. 

I drive around Babbage suburbs regularly, taking photos of anything that is not up to my expected standard or which might cause concern, then I raise it with Council staff to resolve. Also, community focused residents regularly let me know when things need attention. I thank them for raising issues with me, as it is a valuable source of information about community issues and concerns. Together we have a stronger voice and have made improvements and wins. Disappointingly, some situations don’t get a quick fix but by asking about issues and drawing attention to them, it helps Council staff to understand what the community demands are and set the priorities. 

So, keep in mind that if you see work happening near you, then it probably has been something that residents and I have had a hand in making happening. If you see something that is not right, then ring Council or email and make a report. Your voice is valued.

This time of year, Council decides the 2018/19 budget and sets rates. As an Elected Member fighting for our community, I need to know your opinion about where Council funding priorities should be. Often the conversation gets derailed worrying about the amount of rate rise, but I think the conversation should be about what is urgently needed, what priority the community gives to the item and what funding is needed for the item. 

I have had some success in including funding for a shelter at CC Hood Reserve and funding for new footpaths in the draft budget. There are many roads in Babbage that have no footpath and I understand that having access to a footpath improves the visual appearance of a suburb and improves resident’s mobility and safety. I argued strongly for funding for a walking path in Riverside Reserve but could not convince Elected Members to support it. I know there are more needs and I put them forward, but every item needs to be argued for and to win other Elected Member support. I am hopeful that there will be funding support for developing a bike path through St Marys, linking to Winston Avenue. Commuters need to ride safely and off the major roads. 

There have been progressive projects for Mitcham recently such as the LED lights and the new library. I hope we can continue to deliver good community infrastructure and services. 

Please call me or email me if you want to discuss Council issues.

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