Greer, Nick

Mr Nick Greer

Position Elected Member for the Craigburn Ward
Ward Craigburn Ward
Suburbs Craigburn Ward encompasses the suburbs of Craigburn Farm, Eden Hills, Bellevue Heights and parts of Blackwood, Coromandel Valley and Belair.
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Contact Details Phone: 08 8372 8888
Fax: 8372 8101
Term Dates From 14/11/2014

April 2017

In 1980, when I was still a little boy, I emigrated from New Zealand with my family to live in Australia. 

My father was a highly qualified computing engineer, but in Auckland he needed to work three different low paying jobs just to pay the bills. As a young boy, I was dropped off to my grandparents at 4am each morning so that both my parents could clean bathrooms at the University of Auckland. 

A decision was made to move to Australia. 

And in 1980, pre the State Bank disaster, Adelaide was the place everyone suggested they go for opportunity and employment. 

In 1980, Adelaide was still vying with Brisbane to be Australia’s third largest city. Perth’s population would only overtake Adelaide’s in 1984. 

Even by 1983, 20 of Australia’s Top 100 Companies were still headquartered in Adelaide (now only one is). 

A major copper deposit and the world’s largest single uranium deposit had been discovered near the “Roxby Downs Sheep Station”. 

So they chose Adelaide. 

It is still a great city. 

But, as a city, few people associate Adelaide with opportunity any more. 

The regular news of business closing, and graduates moving interstate, is difficult to bear. 

Part of the solution is in making our city attractive to business again, and more attractive in terms of cost of living. 

This is why I have focused heavily on reducing waste and keeping Council rates as low as possible. In my view, rate rises that for some businesses have exceeded 32% over just a few years have been bad for business. 

When I joined Council in 2010, staffing expenditure had doubled (on a cash basis) since 2000 – far in excess of CPI. I have worked to place a cap on staffing increases and implement regular efficiency reviews throughout Council. 

I have also put checks in place at Council to stop blowouts in Council’s legal expenditure, and worked to move Council to two meetings per month to improve efficiency. 

With staffing costs (around 40% of total expenditure) and other expenditure now under control, the 2016-17 rate rise will now be almost half that of previous years. The Mayor also deserves significant credit for this lower rate rise. 

Other work to revitalise our suburbs is also important. 

Blackwood in particular has missed out on far too much for far too long. 

I have also worked to revitalise and lease the Mitcham Railway Station – historic buildings currently used for storage. Stay tuned. 

The Regional Playspace initiative which I began – the development of a world class playspace for young families at Wittunga Botanic Gardens – has now received in principle support from Council and discussions are underway with the State Government. 

I am also pleased that my proposal to re-imagine and expand the playgrounds within Mitcham Reserve now been approved by Council. 

There is much more to do. But if we can do our small part to keep rates under control locally, and keep our city vibrant and exciting, we can reignite opportunity in Adelaide.

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