Cat Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Why has Council introduced By-law No.6 Cats?

Council developed and introduced By-law No.6 Cats to better manage and control cats within the City of Mitcham. Council believes the best way to achieve this is through limiting cat numbers per property, registration and micro-chipping of cats. Council supports and encourages de-sexing of cats and provides a significant discount in registration if this is carried out.

Why do I need to register my cat?

The City of Mitcham has introduced a Cat By-law, By-law No.6. This by law requires that all cats that reside within the City of Mitcham must be registered.

How do I register my cat?

Visit Dogs and Cats Online at

Before you start you will need the following:

  • An email address
  • Drivers licence
  • Any valid concession cards
  • Desexing and microchipping certificates
  • Credit card or electronic banking
When is registration due?

Cat registration is due annually from 1 July to 31 August. Renewal notices will be sent to all registered owners in July.

How will my cat be identified as registered?

Your cat(s) micro-chip details must be noted on Dogs and Cats Online. All cats impounded are scanned for a microchip in an effort to locate the cat's owner.

Does my cat have to be micro-chipped to be registered?

Yes, as on 1 July 2018, all cats in South Australia are required to be microchipped.

Do I need to desex my cat?

De-sexing cats is not compulsory. However, owners are encouraged to have their pets de-sexed. A significant discount on registration costs apply for de-sexed cats. All cats born after 1st July 2018 are required to be microchipped before 6 months of age.

What if I no longer have the desexing certification

To obtain a concession when registering a cat, owners are required to provide written confirmation from a Veterinarian Surgeon that the cat has been desexed.

What if I do not register my cat?

If a cat over three months in age is unregistered, then the person who owns or is responsible for the control of the cat is guilty of an offence. The following penalties may apply: maximum penalty $320, expiation fee $80, continuing offence penalty for each 14 days that the offence continues $50.

How many cats can I keep?

Up to two cats per household unless you gain permission from Council to exceed this number.

Application for Permit to Keep More than Two Dogs or Cats Application%20for%20Permit%20to%20Keep%20More%20than%20Two%20Dogs%20or%20Cats (136 kb)

Do I have to keep my cat contained?

You do not have to keep your cat contained. However, you must not allow your cat to roam and cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

Is there a cat curfew?

There is no cat curfew, but your cat is not allowed to roam and cause a nuisance in your area at night.

If my cat is lost, found or impounded by Council, how do I get it back?

Contact the City of Mitcham on 8372 8888 to advise them that your cat is lost or missing. If your cat is found or impounded and it is registered your cat will be returned, if Council is unable to identify the cat it will be taken to the RSPCA or approved Animal Welfare centre and managed in accordance legislative requirements.

What will happen if I breach the cat By-law?

Council is committed to encouraging responsible cat ownership and working with cat owners and their neighbours to amicably resolve issues that may arise.

If issues are not able to be resolved amicably, then formal direction will be given, failure to meet stated requirements may result in enforcement action being taken and penalties can be applied for non compliance.

What happens to the cat revenue raised?

All revenue raised in association with By-law No.6 Cats will be expended through community education and day to day activities relating to cat management.

Owning a cat can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for the whole family. Cats are excellent companion animals, being affectionate, intelligent, clean and easy to handle. Cats can live for 16 years or longer and a commitment to responsible cat ownership can be of benefit not only to you and your cat, but also to the community.

Owning a cat brings with it many responsibilities. Not only will you have to feed and care for the cat, but prevent it from producing unwanted kittens and from annoying neighbours. By being a responsible cat owner you are providing your cat with the best opportunity for a long, healthy and happy life.

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