Opportunities for Change

The areas coloured in light and dark blue in the Draft Spatial Vision for the City represent the five precincts identified by Council to have potential for significant change. Desired outcomes have been drafted for each of these precincts and are included alongside the Spatial Vision.

In order to investigate how the outcomes within the Spatial Vision might manifest on the ground, a structure planning exercise for each of these precincts is underway.

Structure Plans

Structure Plans will display more detail as to how we (as Council and community) want the City to grow and develop in the future. The intention has been to develop these structure plans together with selected key stakeholders beginning with a series of design workshops.

These design workshops were held over 4 days in October 2017 and each involved approximately 20 stakeholders from the community, Elected Member group, residents groups, landowners, investors and the State Government.

What is a Structure Plan?

A structure plan provides Council with a clear direction in relation to the types of land uses and physical development that it wishes to see occur within areas identified for significant change across the City.

In their final form, the structure plans will help to inform the development of planning policies within the Planning and Design Code and determine how they are applied across the City of Mitcham.

Examples of structure plans can be viewed in the State Government’s Inner Metro Rim Structure Plan

Reports to Council on the development of Structure Plans for the City of Mitcham can be downloaded below:

3 October 2017 - Local Area Planning Project Update

6 March 2018 - Community Ideas for Precinct 2 (Goodwood and Daws Roads)

3 April 2018 - Community Ideas for Precinct 1 (Flinders and St Marys)

1 May 2018 - Community Ideas for Precincts 4 & 5 (Belair Road Centre and Goodwood and Cross Roads)

8 May 2018 - Endorsed Structure Plan for Community Engagement - Precinct 2 (Goodwood and Daws Road)

Have Your Say

The October 2017 workshops provided an initial opportunity for select stakeholders to engage in a deliberative exercise to help produce draft structure plans that will form the basis of community engagement to commence in early August 2018.

A report to Council on proposals for community engagement can be downloaded here.

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