Heritage Walks and Tours

Blackwood Heritage Walk

The walk explores Blackwood from Coromandel Railway Station, along beautiful residential tree-lined streets with diverse architectural styles as well as through the business district where evidence of the early village businesses can still be found.

Blackwood Walk Brochure(1693 kb)

Colonel Light Gardens

This brochure has been prepared to allow the community to enjoy a pleasant walk and to discover the special planning features which make Colonel Light Gardens so historically important.

Colonel Light Gardens Walk Brochure(34238 kb)

Mitcham Village

The Mitcham Village Walk Brochure has been prepared to help visitors to enjoy pleasant walks whilst discovering the special features of the Mitcham Village Historic (Conservation) Zone and surrounding areas. As well as the main walk, two others have also been included around St Michael's and Upper Mitcham and the three Mitcham cemeteries on Blythewood Road.

Mitcham Village Walk Brochure Mitcham%20Village%20Walk%20Brochure (9365 kb)

St Marys

The St Marys Walk Brochure will enable visitors to discover the historical and social urbanisation of a significant but little-known suburb, once a village and rural paddocks, of Adelaide. A 1949 aerial photograph of St Marys is provided to appreciate the rapid change from rustic country to suburbanisation and industrialisation.

St Marys Walk Brochure St%20Marys%20Walk%20Brochure (3663 kb)

Abbottshall Precinct

The Abbottshall Precinct Walk Brochure is a short walk around Mitcham, just west of Belair Road, between Lower Mitcham and Hawthorn. The walk begins in beautiful 'Nellie's Garden' adjoining Mitcham Railway Station through quiet residential streets, past the tranquil Brownhill Creek and a variety of parks and reserves.

Abbotshall Precinct Walk Brochure Abbotshall%20Precinct%20Walk%20Brochure (4665 kb)

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