Regional Play Space

Consultation on the Regional Play Space finished at 5 pm Friday 8 July 2016.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

A report is currently being prepared to consider the community feedback. It is anticipated the report will be presented to Council in August/September.

For more information call 8372 8888.

Consultation Details

What is a Regional Play Space? 

A regional play space would provide a unique leisure and play space for families in our local community but also attract families from across the City. 

A play space would offer diverse activities and challenges for children of all abilities and ages, and would be designed to enhance the existing natural open space to encourage a variety of imaginative, creative and active play. 

What are the Benefits for the Community? 

Play has many benefits for children and families, as well as improving children’s physical, mental, emotional and social development. A creative play space can provide for:

  • Challenging and fun physical play
  • Stimulating cognitive play
  • Free and creative play
  • Social and interactive play
  • Integrated facilities such as seating, shelters, picnic facilities, toilets and drinking fountains. 

A regional play space will expand our network of parks and playgrounds and open up more recreational activities for children in our community. 

Which Reserves? 

A Developing Regional Play Spaces in the City of Mitcham Stage 1 Site Identification and Audit was undertaken to review regional play spaces and assess potential sites suitable for a regional play space within the City of Mitcham.

Developing Regional Play Spaces in the City of Mitcham Stage 1 Site Identification and Audit(5605 kb)

22 March 2005 Full Council Agenda.pdf(251 kb)

22 March 2005 Full Council Minutes.pdf(173 kb)

The Audit identified 11 reserves which have the potential to be developed into a regional plays pace based on:

  • the size of the area to be developed into a large play space
  • parking
  • shelters and shade
  • public facilities
  • access and
  • additional natural aspects such as shade, creek lines, bushland and natural water bodies. 

The reserves identified were: 

  1. Apex Park, Hawthondene
  2. CC Hood Reserve, Panorama
  3. St Marys Oval/Norman Reserve, St Marys
  4. Donald and St Marys Park, St Marys
  5. Balham Reserve, Kingswood
  6. Randell Park, Torrens Park
  7. Blackwood Hill Reserve, Blackwood
  8. McElligotts Quarry Reserve, Springfield
  9. Riverside Reserve, Bedford Park
  10. Hannaford Reserve, Belair
  11. Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Hawthorn 

Of the above listed reserves, two reserves have been identified with the potential to be developed as regional play spaces on the basis that they are well established play areas with the capacity to be developed further due to their location, site, access and amenities at: 

  1. CC Hood Reserve, Panorama
  2. Apex Park, Hawthorndene 

Contact Details

Comments or questions in regard to the regional play space can be directed to:

David Deer
Manager - Design and Technical
Phone: 8372 8888.

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