Annual Business Plan and Budget

Annual Business Plan and Budget 2017/18

The Annual Business Plan and Budget for 2017/18 outlines Council’s priorities for the year. Click on the image to access the document.

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In 2017/18 Council is budgeting for $59.3 million in expenditure on delivering services as well as investing $36.9 million on capital works with a proposed underlying operating surplus of $1.3 million based on a rate increase of 2.90%, an average residential rate increase of $47. Some of the activities being undertaken this year include:

Key activities of our Plan are:

  • Mitcham Memorial Library and surrounds redevelopment
  • St Marys Clubrooms upgrade
  • Increasing the footpath network with an additional eight new footpaths across Blackwood, Coromandel Valley, Hawthorndene and Panorama.
  • Nine traffic and transport initiatives including the Way2Go Program across Belair, Daw Park, Hawthorndene, Kingswood, Lower Mitcham and Urrbrae
  • Community Public Art Grant and Annual Art Prize
  • Public Toilet improvements at Mortlock Park, Windy Point and Hawthorn Lawn Tennis Club
  • Increased Annual Community Grants

Rates income is the major source of funding used to provide a range of essential everyday services to the community with $50.9 million (excluding NRM Levy) being raised from rates and $8.2 million from other sources including use fees and charges and State and Federal Grants.

 ABP Income 17 18


Investing in Community Assets and Service Enhancement

Council will be spending a total of $36.9 million on assets being $21.5 million on renewing existing assets and reducing backlog and a further $15.4 million will be spent on constructing or acquiring new assets and enhancing services.  Asset expenditure is categorised as follows:

ABP Asset Table 17 18

Total expenditure by service groupings is as below:

  ABP Expenditure 17 18

The new and improved services totalling $864,000 ongoing rate funded expenditure[1], with an associated one-off $9.7 million capital investment, are as follows:

  • Mitcham Memorial Library Redevelopment (686m2)
  • Stormwater Upgrades New/Infrastructure*
  • Mitcham Memorial Library Surrounds
  • New Footpath Construction (Additional Footpaths)*
  • Implement Brownhill Keswick Creek*
  • St Marys Clubroom Upgrade*
  • Community/Public Art Grant
  • Event Security Measures
  • Brighton Parade Traffic Control Devices
  • Increased Annual Community Grants
  • Public Toilets (Mortlock Park and Windy Point)
  • Minno Creek Works – Retaining Wall
  • City – Belair Bike Route
  • Watahuna Avenue Pedestrian Crossing
  • Reserve Signs Improvements
  • Stormwater – John Fisher Drive
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design Street Features
  • Sturt Linear Park Trail
  • Waite Road Pedestrian Crossing
  • Winston Avenue Black Spot Improvements
  • Pole Road Black Spot Improvements
  • Integrated Traffic Plan Implementation
  • Hawthorn Lawn Tennis Club Toilet
  • Annual Art Prize
  • Way2Go Program
  • Serpentine Road Traffic Improvements
  • Cumberland Park Community Centre Access
  • Westbourne Park Memorial Hall Kitchen Airconditioning

[1]Includes estimated ongoing operating expenses in the form of maintenance and average cost of capital (interestand debt repayment over defined timeframe).

Operating Projects - One-off

Operating projects have been allocated a pool of $400,000 and are one-off expenditures that only occur over a finite amount of time, one to two years maximum. They do not generate ongoing expenditure or the creation or replacement of assets and can include things such as feasibility studies, plans or one-off events. Operating Projects endorsed by Council for 2017/18 are:

  • Blackwood District Centre Project
  • Building Asset Revaluation and Condition Audits
  • Open Space and Playgrounds Strategy
  • Implementation of the Integrated Transport Plan
  • Leases and Licenses Review
  • Planning and Development Historical Record Scanning
  • Multicultural Fair
  • Heritage Plans for Council Buildings
  • Mitcham Historic Fair
  • Supporting costs for Local Government Association Council Services Awareness Campaign
  • Economic Development (Business) Event
  • $71,000 for allocation during the year from unfunded operating project priorities list

Rates Summary 2017/18

To ensure the success of the Plan and the continual development and maintenance of our City and services, homeowners will pay an average of 2.90% more in rates this financial year. This means the average residential rate will increase from $1,608 to $1,655 an increase of $47. A summary of costs contributing to the rate increase are provided below.



Impact on Average Rate

Financial Savings



Centennial Park Cemetery Authority income



Provision of Existing Services (including Asset Renewal backlog and funding debt repayment in approximately 26.1 years)



Maintaining Existing Services



New & Improved Services



State Government cost shifting (eg Waste Levy)






Council has a rate capping scheme available to all rate payers subject to eligibility criteria. This is designed to assist ratepayers who would otherwise have incurred a rate increase greater than 12.5%. For details of eligibility call 8372 8888. 


The City of Mitcham continues to use capital values as a basis for calculating rates and adopts the capital values provided by the State Valuation Office. If you believe that your property value is incorrect you may object within 60 days of receiving your first rates notice. Objections must be forwarded to:

State Valuation Office
GPO Box 1354, Adelaide  SA  5001

Phone: 1300 653 345

Fax: 08 8226 1428



Please note that Council has no role in this process.

Rates based on Land use (differential rate)

Council uses land use as a factor to apply differential rates. If you believe a property has been incorrectly classified as to its land use then a written objection may be made (to the Council) within 60 days of receiving the notice. Council may, for good reason determine to accept an objection lodged outside this time period.

For 2017/18 the following rates will apply for different land use types:

  • Residential, Primary Production and Other Land – 0.284425 cents in the dollar on the capital value of rateable land
  • Commercial/Industrial and Vacant Land – 0.578571 cents in the dollar on the capital value of rateable land

Council has also fixed a minimum amount payable by way of the general rates of $1,009.00 being 56% of the average rate of all rateable properties.


Rebates are available to eligible properties, Council has a Postponement of Rates for Seniors Scheme and also applies a rate capping scheme to all properties to ensure that significant increases in rates are moderated over time.

Further Information

A link to Council's Rating Policy and appendices can be found via link links on the right of this page.  For further information call Council’s Customer Service Centre on 8372 8888. 


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