Property Development

Development matters and land uses are controlled by Council so as to ensure orderly development throughout the City and also to protect the quality of residential and business life in Mitcham.

The Council has its own Development Plan which guides the way the City grows and assists Council in making planning decisions.

The Mitcham Development Plan was comprehensively amended in November 1998 in respect of residential development. This Plan also reflects the strategic planning directions and imperatives of the State Government. The Plan can be viewed at the the Council Civic Centre, Blackwood and Mitcham Libraries, or a pdf copy of the Plan can be downloaded from the Government of South Australia web site.

The Development Act came into effect in January of 1994 and Council has taken part in a review of the new Act conducted by the State Government.

Changes in land use, the erection of new buildings or structures, advertising signs and building alterations all require planning and building approval. In hills areas, excavation and filling of land (more than nine cubic metres) requires Council approval. The division of land also requires planning approval. Development approval is also required for any tree damaging activity to a significant tree.

Please refer to the Planning SA website for details on significant trees and the additional controls which affect the City of Mitcham as declared by the Minister.

Special circumstances also apply within Colonel Light Gardens where due to its State Heritage Area status, the sphere of control is extended to all sectors including State agencies, utilities providers and Council staff.

Before starting any development please discuss your intentions with Council as your time and money can be saved by knowing your obligations, responsibilities and rights in advance.

Guidelines are available on this website about the development decision process to help you understand what needs approval and how to lodge an application.

Applications which are Category 3 Development notices are advertised in The Advertiser and are available by clicking here.

Planning Reforms 2008

Deputy Premier Kevin Foley announced that the State Government is to embark on an ambitious reform program to give "South Australia the most efficient and modern planning system in Australia".

You can read more about these proposed planning reforms on the Planning SA website.

Submission for the Draft for Discussion Residential Development Code and the proposed changes regarding Exempt Development and Building Consent Only closed on Friday 12 September 2008.

Council endorsed a submission on the planning reforms in August 2008.

City of Mitcham Submission on the Planning Reforms City%20of%20Mitcham%20Submission%20on%20the%20Planning%20Reforms (416 kb)

Council believes that the draft 2008 Reform of the South Australian Planning and Development System as presently proposed may potentially impact on the community. The main criticisms of the Reforms were:

1. Inadequate energy conservation measures.
2. No requirement to detain or retain stormwater, nor any recognition of the existing stormwater system being under stress.
3. Any increase in site coverage should be coupled to on-site stormwater management.
4. Flood prone areas in Mitcham should be defined in the Development Plan before the new Code applies.
5. "Character areas" should be defined before the Code applies.

The proposed Reforms indicated that there will be areas over which the Code (as it applies to new dwellings) will not apply:

  • High risk bushfire (but it is unclear if medium risk areas are included)
  • Historic (Conservation) zones or policy areas, and the State Heritage Area of Colonel Light Gardens
  • Small (less than 700 m2) and/or narrow allotments (less than 16 metres)

It is also proposed that there will be additional Code requirements that will apply to "character areas". However the criteria for identifying "character areas" are not clear at this stage.

A full report can be viewed in the Full Council Agenda of the 23 September 2008, Item 14.6

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