Redevelopment of Mitcham Memorial Library and Brown Hill Creek

The Mitcham Library at the Hawthorn Community Centre is closed from Monday 7 January 2019 to Monday 28 January while we move back to our new Library.

The Mitcham Memorial Library opens on Tuesday 29 January.

The Mitcham Toy Library Service at the Mitcham Community Centre is also closed it will reopen on Tuesday 29 January at the Mitcham Memorial Library. 

Mitcham Memorial Library Community Fun Day

Celebrate the opening of the new Mitcham Memorial Library with us on Saturday 16 February from 10am to 3pm.
We look forward to welcoming you in February where we will showcase some of the great things happening in and around the Mitcham Memorial Library.
During the day local music students will be performing on the library deck, community groups are providing yummy food, there will be climbing walls, bouncy castles and games. And that is just in the park!
In the library we will be highlighting our community groups with a meet'n'greet, have Storytime, craft activities, a puppet show, library tours, children's activities, a scavenger hunt, face painting and much more!
A more detailed programme will follow. Mark it in your diaries now.
The day will have something for everyone!

Mitcham Memorial Library has Transformed!

January 2019

The Mitcham Memorial Library will be open at the end of January. The cladding on the outside of the building and the decking is being installed. Works in the creek have also begun.

Mitcham Memorial Library DeckMitcham Memorial Library OutsideMitcham Memorial Library Brownhill Creek

Framework for the Deck

Outside the Mitcham Memorial LibraryBrownhill Creek

The Mitcham Memorial Library is getting closer to being finished! Inside the ceiling and walls have been painted, the bathrooms have been tiled and the shelving has been installed! Over the next few weeks you will see the cladding on the outside of the building begin and the timber decking installed.

Mitcham Memorial Library External BrickworkMitcham Memorial Library InsideMitcham Memorial Library Entrance
Brickwork on the outsideInside the Mitcham Memorial LibraryMitcham Memorial Library Entrance

November 2018

The steel frame structure has been completed and the cladding on the exterior of the building has begun. On the inside lots of changes are happening with the installation of the partition walls and a suspended ceiling. The windows and door frames have also been installed and the structural steel is now in place for the deck.

Mitcham Memorial Library InsideMitcham Memorial Library Steel Framing for the DeckMitcham Memorial Library Windows Outside View
Inside of the Mitcham Memorial LibrarySteel Framing for DeckOutside view of the new windows

October 2018

The box gutters and roofing sheets have been installed. In the existing building the mechanical duct units and hydraulic services have now also been installed. You now can also see the steel framing has begun on the western side.

Mitcham Memorial Library Hydraulic ServicesMitcham Memorial Library FramingMitcham Memorial Library Box Gutter and Roofing
Hydraulic ServicesFramingBox Gutters and Roofing

September 2018

The in-slab services, stormwater tanks and steel work have been installed and the concrete slab poured. The structural steel frame is being erected and demolition has begun to the internal existing library building. 

The northern car park which underwent a significant upgrade including the installation of permeable paving, flush kerbs, and underground carpark services is now open for use by the community.

Mitcham Memorial Library September 2018 New SlabHydraulic Underground Services September 2018 Mitcham Memorial LibrarPermeable Paving in Car Park September 2018 Mitcham Memorial Library
New SlabHydraulic Underground ServicesPermeable Paving in Car Park

August 2018

The footings have been excavated and poured with the installation of all in-slab services. The northern car park infrastructure has been removed and permeable paving and kerbing has been installed.

Mitcham Memorial Library Install In-slab ServicesMitcham Memorial Library New SlabMitcham Memorial Library Carpark Kerbing
In-slab services were installed before the concrete pourThe new slab has been pouredUnderground services and kerbing have been installed in the car park

June 2018

A large section of the Mitcham Memorial Library has been demolished including the bathroom, part of the roof, external walls and services disconnected. Work will begin shortly on preparing the footings and beginning the structural work. 

Internal demoliiton including removal of roof sheets Mitcham Memorial Library May 2018Internal demolition of existing bathrooms Mitcham Memorial Library May 2018Internal demolition works along project hoarding Mitcham Memorial Library May 2018
Internal demolition including removal of roof sheets Mitcham Memorial Library May 2018Internal demolition of existing bathrooms Mitcham Memorial Library May 2018Internal demolition works along project hoarding Mitcham Memorial Library May 2018

Mitcham Memorial Library and Brownhill Creek Redevelopment to Begin

Redevelopment of the Mitcham Memorial Library and Brownhill Creek redevelopment is underway. 

Once completed in December the Mitcham Library will offer a wider range of services and spaces alongside enhancements to Brownhill Creek aimed at ensuring the capacity to respond to flooding and environmental extremes. 

Mitcham Memorial Library Building DesignMitcham Memorial Library
Mitcham Memorial LibraryMitcham Memorial Library Entrance
Mitcham Memorial Library Floor Plan 
Mitcham Memorial Library Floor Plan 

As part of the redevelopment the Mitcham Memorial Library is now operating out of two locations to allow us to continue to provide library services while ensuring the safety of visitors during construction. 

Children’s and teen materials, newspapers and magazines are now located at the Hawthorn Community Centre located a 5 Frimley Grove, Hawthorn. We will also hold many of our events and activities here including our story time and baby time sessions. 

The Mitcham Memorial Library will continue to offer a pick up/drop off location for library materials, computer access, printing and copying, and a smaller adult fiction/non-fiction collection. As this is a construction site please remember it may be noisy at times, we also invite you to call us to check before visiting us if you would like to use a computer. 

Once completed in December the Mitcham Library will offer a wider range of services and spaces. 

Don’t forget the Blackwood Library at 215 Main Road in Blackwood continues to offer a full range of services and the Toy Libraries operate as usual.

For more information about Mitcham Library’s services please call us on 8372 8244.

Widening and upgrading of the Brown Hill Creek in Soldiers Memorial GardensBrownhill Creek Upgrade Delayed

The upgrade to Brownhill Creek and landscaping in Soldiers Memorial Gardens has begun

The upgrade works to widen and upgrade the Brown Hill Creek channel through Soldiers Memorial Gardens and JWS Morris Reserve as part of the wider approval to implement the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) is underway.

The upgrade of Brownhill Creek channel and landscaping will address some long standing flooding issues, restore the channel to a more natural state and beautify the reserve. 

The widening of the channel is required to accommodate the 100 year flow and restore a more natural channel profile which necessarily impacts mainly exotic trees with all existing high value native trees protected.

The channel works will create a stable creek environment capable of passing significant creek flows during flood events and will also allow safe nature play spaces between creek flows.

The channel widening works are being undertaken with the adjacent Mitcham Library upgrade project. This will create an improved precinct for community enjoyment. The channel and the adjacent reserve will be landscaped to a higher standard to provide an improved vista and experience both inside and outside the upgraded library and for reserve users.

Mitcham Library Sod Turning

On Thursday 7 December 2017 we turned the first “sod”, marking the beginning of the upgrade of Mitcham Library. Over the next 12 months the Library will double in size with greater emphasis on community participation in events such as language classes, reading groups, education seminars etc. New rooms will feature lots of glass looking out over the beautiful memorial gardens. Libraries are now recognised as community hubs.


Plans to Redevelop Mitcham Memorial Library Begin

The City of Mitcham is redeveloping the Mitcham Memorial Library to create an engaging space that caters for the changing needs of our community. 

The Library, located at Soldier’s Memorial Reserve on Belair Road in Hawthorn, was originally built in 1965 to provide library services to the local community. 

The new design is modern and sleek embracing the view of the reserve and Brown Hill Creek to provide a modern spaces and resources for all ages. Most importantly it will also double in size from its current size of 776m2 to 1476m2 over the next 12 months. 

Key design features of the Mitcham Memorial Library include:

  • more activity and better designed event spaces
  • meeting rooms for the community available after hours
  • an integrated Toy Library
  • zoned spaces such as quiet lounges for reading, quiet study areas, public computer access and printing facilities and group discussion point areas
  • a library space that is accessible to everyone
  • a dedicated youth space
  • an outdoor deck overlooking the reserve and creek
  • additional seating
  • improved carparking

The redevelopment, funded by the City of Mitcham and a grant of $1.09 million from the State Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program, will begin at the end of 2017. 

Our community can look forward to the redeveloped Library opening late 2018. 

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