Roof Truss Regulations

As part of the State Government Development Regulations, Council must be notified of all building work being carried out by either a licensed builder or the building owner and during certain stages of construction.

Roof truss manufactures need to provide Council and the licensed builder detailed information via a checklist introduced in the Regulations before any work commences.

Once construction of the roof frame is completed, a notice which includes a checklist detailing the roof frame and is signed by a registered builder, must be submitted within one business day to Council.

The completed roof frame cannot be enclosed until after the notice’s expiration of two clear business days once it has been received by Council.

Council, once it has received the notice, must undertake inspections of roof framing in developments constructed in the Mitcham area. When a building is being constructed by a licensed builder Council must inspect at least 66% of approved building work and when approval has been given to a property owner (not a licensed builder) Council must inspect a minimum of 90% of approved building work.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements may attract an expiation with a penalty of $500 per breach.

These regulations will ensure builders are more accountable for their work by providing our community with high quality and safe building work.

For further information contact the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure on 8343 2222 or the City of Mitcham on 8372 8888.

Supervisor's checklist - Regulation 74(270 kb)

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