Special Character Areas

The Mitcham (City) Development Plan currently contains 37 different zones, with each zone containing different planning policies, picking up on the nuances between our local areas. The Planning and Design Code will dispense with the majority of these zones, and will include just 30-40 zones across the entire State (a total reduction of approximately 1,450 zones across South Australia).

The 12 separate residential zones in our current Development Plan may be combined to make one single (residential) zone with ‘standardised’ planning policies to guide and regulate development.

To tackle this, a key current project of Council is the identification of ‘Special Character Areas’ across the City, with the intention to advocate and lobby the Planning Commission for the creation of Character Sub Zones within the Planning and Design Code. It is important that the Council and the community are agreed as to which parts of the City exhibit a special character that is worthy of preservation.

Work on this project is underway and must be complete before the end of June 2018. Community engagement on this issue is scheduled to take place in February 2018.

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