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The City of Mitcham is inviting feedback on the proposed roundabout Upgrades at the intersection of Sussex Terrace, Grange Road and Salisbury Crescent by 5pm Friday 25 January 2019. 

The Sussex Terrace, Grange Road and Salisbury Crescent Roundabout has received a high number of road related incidents in the past five years. The City of Mitcham are committed towards implementing road safety improvements towards this intersection, with a total project budget of $145,000 funded 100% by the Australian Government through the Black Spot Program.

Council is progressing through the detailed design phase of the project to produce documentation suitable for construction. It is anticipated that this project will be delivered before the end of the 2018/19 Financial Year. 


The Australian Government has committed to providing $744.5 million to the Black Spot Program from the 2013/2014 financial year through to the 2021/2022 financial year. In recognition of road crashes constituting major costs to Australians each year, the Black Spot Program has been established to reduce crashes by the identification and treatment of intersections and sections of road that have an unsatisfactory casualty crash record or that have significant crash potential.  

The roundabout at Sussex Terrace, Grange Road and Salisbury Crescent has suffered from a number of right angle crashes involving both cyclist and motor vehicles. In 2015, Council implemented a kerb protuberance on the southern leg of the intersection to reduce vehicle approach speeds. Since this treatment has been implemented the frequency of crashes has reduced, however the crash severity has remained consistent. 

This has indicated to Council that further road safety improvements should be undertaken at this intersection which has been shown to have one of the highest casualty rates for cyclists in the State. 

How many crashes have there been?

Crash data for the five years from 2012-2017 identified a total of 22 crashes, most of which were right angle type crashes. Of these six resulted in injury. 

What does this upgrade hope to achieve?

The project aims to achieve significant road safety improvements for vulnerable road users and motorists through the;

  • Reconstruction of splitter islands which will provide safe pedestrian storage on all approach legs to the roundabout in the centre of the road. Pedestrians will only need to cross over one traffic lane instead of the two existing lanes on Grange Road, Sussex Terrace and Salisbury Crescent.
  • Construction of new median kerb islands and elongation of the roadside kerb will tighten the approaches, reducing vehicle speeds and deterring vehicles from overtaking vulnerable road users when entering the roundabout.
  • Reconstructing the centre annulus of the roundabout will provide delineation to motorists with new pavement markings and a semi mountable kerb for prevention of asset damage, whilst providing heavy vehicles with improved negotiation of the roundabout.
  • Upgrade of pavement marking/signage for improved delineation and performance for motorists in adverse weather conditions.

Concept Plans for the Sussex Terrace, Grange Road and Salisbury Crescent Roundabout Upgrade

When will this project commence?

Subject to the feedback received, Council anticipates the commencement of construction on the proposed roundabout upgrade to occur between April and June 2019. 

Council will ensure that all efforts are made to minimise any inconveniences to residents and commuters during the construction period and will provide advance notice of any impacts to transport amenity. 

How can you provide feedback? How can we answer any queries?

Council values your feedback, should you wish to provide comments or seek further information in relation to the project, please contact Council via the following; 

  • Completing the online feedback form below 
  • Contact James Arnold from the Traffic and Transport Team through 8372 8888 or via email mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au
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