Trees and Vegetation

Trees for Mitcham’s Future

Mitcham’s urban forest is an essential public asset which supports community and environmental wellbeing, the liveability of our city, and it will help us adapt to the changing climate. Planting and maintaining trees is a core service of Council. Council allocates a considerable budget each year to plant, maintain and manage trees in our urban forest so that they will continue to deliver human, social, environmental and economic benefits well into the future.

Annual Tree Planting Projects

Council plants trees every winter to ensure that Mitcham remains a desirable, healthy and green city. Trees are planted in streets where opportunities exist due to the removal of dead or diseased trees, where there are gaps in established avenues and where residents have requested that trees be planted. Requests for trees to be planted can be made by phoning Council on 8372 8888 or by email to

Tree Maintenance

Maintenance of trees in streets and on reserves is a core function of Council. Maintenance functions typically include pruning and pest treatment of mature trees and watering, formative pruning and staking of saplings. Council’s qualified arborists are trained to meet most maintenance requirements. Contractors may also be engaged by Council on occasions where work is beyond the capacity of staff, or where specialist skills are required. Residents are not authorised to prune street or reserve trees. Residents can request maintenance work for street and reserve trees by phoning 8372 8888 or by email to

Tree Removal

Council’s tree policy guides that trees are to be preserved where this is reasonably achievable, though on occasion tree removal may be necessary. Trees are removed when they die or when they are damaged and present unacceptable risk which cannot be managed in any other reasonable way. Removal of any tree over five metres in height requires a decision of Full Council. Regulated or significant trees may require further approvals. Residents wishing to request the removal of trees under Council’s care and control may contact Council by phoning 8372 8888 or by email to

Tree Species Selections

Trees are usually the dominant visual element in the landscape so species selection has a major impact on street amenity. As trees deliver a range of essential functions beyond streetscape amenity, Council considers many aspects when selecting tree species. Trees are significant investments so selected species must live long enough to return their value to the community, and must survive and thrive under local conditions.

Urban environments present challenges to establishing and maintaining trees. Space is restricted by overhead and underground utilities and services, roads, footpaths and driveways, so planting in streets is controlled by the Local Government Act 1999, Electricity Act 1996, Electricity (Principles of Vegetation Clearance) Regulations 2010 and the Water Industry Regulations 2012. Within this regulatory framework Council plants a diverse range of indigenous, native and exotic evergreen and deciduous species to ensure that streets remain attractive, functional and low risk. Council plants species which are appropriate for the streetscape and are well suited to local conditions.

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