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While Council is developing legal mountain bike trails in some Council reserves (green reserves), there are some reserves (blue reserves) in the district where you can legally ride on designated trails now.

There are shared use trails now available for mountain bike riding in Belair National Park and Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Mountain bike riding is also allowed on the fire roads in Shepherds Hill Reserve. These reserves and trails are managed by the Department for Environment and Heritage (DEH). The riding experiences in DEH Parks are designed to provide opportunities for people to enjoy the ambiance of riding in a natural locations rather than on technically challenging mountain bike trails. More information can be obtained from the DEH, Sturt District Office on (61 8) 8278 5477.

Click on this link for a Belair National Park Trail Map (853 kb).

Please note that mountain bike riding is not currently authorised in any of Council reserves (marked green). Riding is also unauthorised in the South Australia Heritage Trust owned Watiparinga Reserve, the DEH managed Sturt Gorge Recreation Park and the Flinders University (except for sanctioned club events).

While riding in reserves remember the City of Mitcham  Mountain Bike Code of Practice:

  • Plan your ride.
  • Obey 'No Bicycle Signs'.
  • Ride only on formed trails designated for cycling.
  • Be considerate of nearby residents.
  • Do not ride on private property.
  • Obey all road rules including:
    • Speed restrictions.
    • Ride no more than two abreast.
    • Ride in bicycle lanes where provided.
    • Do not take short cuts or form new trails.
  • Share the trail.
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Avoid riding in wet, muddy conditions.
  • Ride lightly and leave no trace or rubbish.
  • Control your bike.
  • Do not disturb plants and animals.
  • Clean your bike, don't spread weeds or plant diseases.
  • Tell other people about this code.

The responsibility is with you: Riders need to do their part to keep trails open, so set a good example by being respectful of other trail users and giving way to walkers and practice environmentally responsible mountain biking.

Useful Links

For further information, please contact  8372 8888 or by emailing mitchamtrails@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au

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