Waste Management

We can no longer rely on sending all our waste to landfill, especially when there are a lot of valuable materials that can be reused and recycled. As individuals and as a community we need to be more responsible of our consumption of materials and how we dispose of them. After all, waste generation and disposal has significant environmental, economic and social impacts.

Click on the links to find out information on these waste and recycling services:

Alternatively visit Zero Waste SA and use their ‘Recycle Right’ search engine to find out how to recycle various materials.

Waste and Recycling Initiatives

Beyond the Kerb: Where do your Recyclables and Waste go?

The City of Mitcham and KESAB environmental solutions offer residents a fascinating FREE bus tour to visit the places that your recyclables, organics and waste materials are taken after collection from your kerbside.

When: Tuesday, 25 March 2014  
Departing:  Mitcham Community Centre, 242 Belair Road, Lower Mitcham.
Duration: 8.30 am to 2.45 pm approx. 
Tour: E-cycle Recovery/ CRT Recycling Aust, VISY Recycling, Transpacific Industries, Adelaide Resource Recovery and Jeffries Wingfield and Buckland Park sites.

Seats are limited and bookings are essential. Contact Kerrie at KESAB on 8234 7255 or email kerrie@kesab.asn.au.  Please RSVP by 18 March.

Get FoodWise!


The City of Mitcham is supporting the FoodWise initiative to reduce the environmental impact of Australia’s food consumption. The majority of Australians have little idea about how much energy and resources it takes to get food from paddock to plate, nor do they know how much of this food is actually wasted. So we want you to become FoodWise!

Follow the link to the Council’s own FoodWise Recipe Finder page and start to explore the Recipe Room to make the most out of the food in your kitchen. There are recipes from celebrity chefs including Maggie Beer, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong and Olivia Newton John! Once you have found a recipe, you can use the meal planner function to create your own shopping list.

You will also find tips on commonly wasted foods, how to shop seasonally and smart, and the hard truth on just how much food we actually waste every year. For example, did you know the average household throws away 1 out of every 5 bags of groceries purchased, that’s a waste of over $1000 each year!

There is much more to this website than just recipes and food shopping advice. There are videos on how to compost your food scraps by Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia, fact sheets on growing a balcony garden and information on sustainable food labels.

Please take the time to look around the website to learn about what you can do to improve the way we grow, distribute, consume and dispose of food.

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact Council’s Waste Management Officer or Sustainability Officer on 8372 8888 or mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au.

Soft Plastics Recycling

Only rigid plastic containers, or those that hold their shape can be recycled in the yellow recycling bin and no plastics are accepted in the green organics bin. Soft plastics, including reusable shopping bags, produce bags, bread bags, frozen food bags, biscuit and lolly packaging, newspaper wraps and old 'green' bags, cannot be recycled through the Council's kerbside recycling service. Instead of putting them in your kerbside bins, you can recycle them through the REDcycle Program at Coles supermarkets. The soft plastics recycling scheme means soft plastics can be diverted from landfill, recycled and turned into outdoor furniture for Australian schools as part of Coles Helping Australia Grow program. Many other supermarkets also recycle soft plastics too, so check with your local store.

Waste Minimisation and Resource Recovery

You can reduce the amount of waste you generate by doing the following:

Avoid waste in the first place

  • Refuse junk mail if you don’t want to read it
  • Share magazine and newspapers or access them free at the library
  • Think twice before using plastic produce and shopping bags
  • Buy products with no packaging

Reduce what you throw away

  • Set up a compost bin and worm farm in your backyard for food scraps
  • Buy in bulk and products with minimal packaging
  • Use both sides of paper
  • Repair before replacing
  • Remember to take your multi-use shopping bags or basket with you

Reuse materials in different ways

  • Reuse gift wrapping paper and ribbon
  • Buy items in refillable containers where possible
  • Reuse glass and plastic containers for storing food, pens, buttons, screws and other items
  • Donate or sell unwanted clothing or swap with family and friends

Recycle products to save natural resources

  • Close the loop and buy recycled products
  • Contact your Council to find out if products can be recycled 

Waste Education

The Council is committed to community education and awareness on waste management. The Waste Management Officer can provide presentations on waste minimisation and resource recovery to residents, community groups, schools and organisations. Presentations can be tailored to the needs of the group.
If you would like to book a waste education presentation, please contact the Waste Management Officer on 8372 8888 or mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au.

Further Information

Please contact the Waste Management Officer on 8372 8888 for more information on waste and recycling. Alternatively, contact Zero Waste SA on 1300 137 118 or www.zerowaste.sa.gov.au

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