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Water Pollution Prevention

Water Quality

The stormwater drains in our street are linked directly to our local waterways. The water that enters our stormwater system goes untreated and pollutants that enter our waterways accumulate to create a massive problem.

To maintain the quality of the water in our local water ways think before allowing anything to enter the stormwater system.

If it's not rain, don't put it in the drain.

South Australia's Water Quality

To view water quality data of waterways in South Australia visit and follow the links.

The Dirty Truth

Find out ways to keep our stormwater clean, such as washing cars responsibly, taking care when using fertilisers in the garden, disposing of litter responsibly, and preventing building materials from being blown away or washed down the drain by visiting The Dirty Truth

Helping to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater drains are designed to collect rainwater runoff and direct it to our local waterways and eventually into the ocean. Our rivers are becoming polluted due to litter and rubbish, as well as other less obvious contaminants such as oil, grease, chemicals and fertilisers, being allowed to enter the stormwater system.

As well as taking away from the aesthetic value of our parks and recreation areas these pollutants lead to the accumulation of toxins and excess nutrients in our waters. This creates unsafe swimming conditions and kills fish and other organisms present in healthy water ways.

Even allowing leaves and other garden waste to enter the stormwater system creates a big problem in our waterways. The break down of these organic materials removes oxygen from the water, making it difficult for fish and other aquatic organisms to survive.

To maintain our natural environment, it is vital that only rainwater is allowed to enter the stormwater system and nothing else!

Preventing stormwater pollution is everybody's responsibility. Under the Environment Protection Act 1993 we all have a 'general environmental duty', which states:

A person must not undertake an activity that pollutes, or might pollute, the environment unless the person takes all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise any resulting environmental harm.

Under the Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2003 it is illegal to allow pollution to enter the stormwater and this may result in a $300 fine.

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