What Needs Approval?

Development Approval comprises both Development Plan Consent (planning) and Building Rules Consent (building). An application may be made for both consents together or separately.

An application for Planning Consent is assessed against Mitcham's Development Plan, the policy document administered by Council to ensure development occurs in an orderly and desirable manner.

The issues considered include the visual impact of the structure on the adjoining properties and the street, the appropriateness of the intended use and the amount of remaining open space. View our Development Directions Information Sheets for more information.

The Building Rules Consent (Building Consent) on the other hand assesses the application against the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia and other relevant standards to ensure the structural integrity, fire safety, health and amenity of the structures are maintained.

Development for which you need to seek Planning Consent from Council includes, but is not limited to:

  • new dwellings,
  • dwelling additions,
  • garages and carports,
  • garden sheds and other outbuildings,
  • certain types of fences, retaining walls and cut/fill,
  • outdoor swimming pools and spas,
  • decking,
  • regulated trees,
  • granny flats (dependent relative accommodation),
  • verandahs, and
  • advertising displays.

All development proposed for properties situated in Heritage Conservation Zones or listed as State or Local Heritage Places requires approval.

What does not require Planning Approval?

Certain minor activities or building work are excluded by Regulation and do not require planning approval. However you should always contact Council first to make sure. These exemptions are  limited and need to fit within the set criteria of Schedule 1A of Development Regulation 2008. Please contact the Department of Development and Compliance on 8372 8888 in regards to your proposed development.

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