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Have Your Say Hannaford Park

Share your ideas on how Council can enhance Hannaford Park as an off-leash area for dogs by 5pm Wednesday 31 July.
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Hannaford Park

Road Closure Anderson Avenue Mitcham and Torrens Park

The City of Mitcham proposes to make a Road Process Order to close and sell to the adjoining land owner that portion of Anderson Avenue Road Reserve, Mitcham and Torrens Park.
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Sussex Terrace, Grange Road and Salisbury Crescent Roundabout

Upgrade of the Sussex Terrace, Grange Road and Salisbury Crescent roundabout begins.
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What can you do with all those Autumn Leaves?

Discover the healthy things you can do with autumn leaves.
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Measuring how much Water our Street Trees Use

We are investigating how much water our street trees use so we can understand how much our trees benefit from the extra water.
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