The City of Mitcham is rich in history and tradition. Spend an afternoon visiting our heritage listed suburb of Colonel Light Gardens. You can further spend a day visiting our historic homes including Carrick Hill, Urrbrae House Historic Precinct, Old Government House, Colebrook Home Memorial and Gamble Cottage, or the well maintained Gamble Garden or the Waite Arboretum. Explore the Mitcham Water Works or if you would like a birds eye view of the City then the Windy Point lookout is a must.

Fascinating links to the Europeans who settled here in the last century are revealed through the names of today's suburbs and the city's street signs.

Many of the 100 names which have been used for these suburbs are no longer widely used, largely because the introduction in 1967 of Australia Post postcodes which consolidated individual suburbs into new groupings.

These old names are however woven into the fabric of Mitcham.

Places to Visit

The view from Windy Point is said to give the best night time view of twinkling city lights in the Southern Hemisphere.

Colonel Light Gardens, developed in the 1920s is the best preserved example of Garden City planning in Australia, and is also recognised internationally.

The Women's Memorial Playing Fields at St Marys are said to be the only memorial to ex-servicewomen in Australia.