Formal Council meetings are an important part of our business at the City of Mitcham. Our Mayor and Elected Members take part in a decision-making process. This provides direction for the Council’s Chief Executive Officer and staff.

Council meetings are where policy and other statutory matters are decided. As a corporate body, Council decisions can only be made by resolution. This means that any matters requiring decision must be heard before a properly convened meeting, and can only be passed by a majority vote.

We have various committees to assist Council in the decision-making process. These committees report directly to the Council, with the exception of the Council Assessment Panel (CAP).

Meetings are held in the Council Chambers at 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park.

Agendas and minutes are available for viewing at:

  • Council's Civic Centre, 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park
  • Mitcham Memorial Library, 154 Belair Road, Hawthorn
  • Blackwood Library, 215 Main Road, Blackwood

The City of Mitcham has a strong commitment to maintaining public access to Council and Committee meetings. Opportunity will continue to be given to the public to make a deputation if requested before the meeting and permission is granted by the Chair - if you wish to make a deputation please forward your request to There is also a Gallery Question Time at Council meetings where the public is able to ask questions of the Council.


Full Council

Other Meetings

Briefings and Informal Gatherings

Current Council Committees

Audit Committee

Audit Committee Independent Member Selection Committee

Australia Day Awards Selection Committee

CEO Performance Review

Grants Committee

Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee

Council Assessment Panel (formerly the Development Assessment Panel)

Previous Council Committees

General Purpose Committee

Mitcham Cultural Village Committee

Corporate and Community Services Committee

Engineering and Environmental Services Committee

Mitcham Heritage Committee