Blackwood Hill Reserve Trails

Zone 4 Trails are located in Blackwood Hill and Mountbatten Reserves in the suburbs of Bellevue Heights and Blackwood.

The Trails are located south of the Adelaide to Melbourne Railway line just south of Shepherds Hill Road. The combined grey box grassy woodlands area is approximately 63.3 hectares of open space and forms a valuable link to the nearby Sturt Gorge Reserve and Craigburn Farm Trail Network. The area features a steep gorge, meandering creek and open woodlands which includes a variety of trail styles.

Blackwood Hill Reserve Trails Map

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Blackwood Hill Reserve and its neighbour, Sturt Gorge Recreation Park (property of DEWNR - the Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources), have a strong history of open space trail use including bush walking, trail running, horse riding and more recently mountain biking. Of special mention is the long standing Tom Roberts Horse Trail which passes through Blackwood Hill Reserve.

Walking Magpie Creek Hike


There are several dedicated groups of volunteers providing conservation work throughout Blackwood Hill Reserve with the support of Council and Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources. The trail design for this area has drawn from this history of volunteer work, and the current trends in trail use and aims to provide an inclusive trail network that will meet the needs of this diverse group of reserve users. 

Group Walking Craigburn Link Trail

To get involved in trail development volunteering please click on the Get Involved link to the right of this page.

Restoration Works and Trail Closures

You may observe trail closures signs, bunting and new plantings being placed at trail closure sites. These trails are being closed as they are identified as a duplicate trail alignment, passing through particularly sensitive vegetation or unsustainable. Your cooperation is needed to successfully negotiate the future use of Councils reserves for mountain biking, walking and horse riding so we ask that you stay on the open trails.

Trail Closure
Trail closure

Magpie Creek Rehabilitation Work

Council has been working to rehabilitate informal dirt jumps built on the Magpie Creek Trail. The jumps at the western end do not conform to Council’s Trail Management Plan and more suitable sites have been flagged for Dirt Jump opportunities. Riders are reminded that construction of trails including trail features such as jumps unless authorised is prohibited. Your cooperation is needed to successfully negotiate the future use of the reserve for walking, mountain bike riding and dirt jumping.

Trail - Landscape & Planting
Rehabilitation of Magpie Creek Trail

Further information can be obtained by contacting City of Mitcham Trails Officer on 8372 8888 or email

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