Heritage Subsidy Scheme

The Mitcham Heritage Subsidy Scheme has been introduced to assist in the conservation of privately owned heritage listed buildings. The grant money comes solely from the City of Mitcham’s budget and is flexible, depending on the property type and circumstances. A subsidy of 25% of the total cost is possible, up to a limit of $3,000.

The Policy covers the owner(s) or lessee(s) of the following properties within the City of Mitcham, with the exception of properties owned by the Local Council or Government Departments:

  • A recognised State Heritage Place
  • A recognised Local Heritage Place
  • Properties located within the State Heritage Area of Colonel Light Gardens
  • A Contributory Item within Historic (Conservation) Zones / Policy Areas

Following is the format we follow for processing all applications:

  • You provide Council with copies of two quotes for the work, along with a completed application form.
  • Council’s Heritage Adviser will assess your application.
  • The Director, Development and Compliance will decide which project(s) are to be offered grant assistance.
  • Council will notify you of the decision and, if successful, the amount Council will contribute.
  • You will be asked to sign an agreement outlining any special conditions recommended by the Heritage Adviser, in addition to general conditions such as the need for works to be completed within 12 months of an offer of grant assistance.
  • You settle your account (with the individual / company that has carried out the work) in full upon completion of the work.
  • You provide Council with photocopies of the paid account and ‘before and after’ photographs of the work.
  • Council will reimburse you the agreed amount in the form of a cheque or EFT payment.

Approval or refusal of any application under this fund will be determined in accordance with the Council Policy 3.15 Heritage Subsidy Policy, a copy of which is attached, and will be solely at the discretion of the City of Mitcham and subject to availability of funds.

For further information contact a Business Support Officer on 8372 8807.

Heritage Subsidy Application Form(68 kb)

Mitcham Heritage Subsidy Policy(72 kb)