How to Lodge Applications for Land Division

Land Surveyor

It is recommended that you employ a Land Surveyor to investigate and prepare your application. Surveyors can provide advice on the merits of the various forms of land division, lodge the application for you with the State Commission Assessment Panel and advise on Lands Titles Office requirements.

The surveyor will initiate survey work over the subject land and prepare a draft plan in accordance with the Lands Titles Office standards.

The surveyor will then lodge the application with the State Commission Assessment Panel who will notify the surveyor/lodging agent of the State Commission Assessment Panel number. The State Commission Assessment Panel will also forward copies of the development application to various state agencies responsible for providing utilities and services such as ETSA Utilities, SA Water and Transport SA. These authorities will determine what requirements they may have in respect to the proposal. Copies of the application are also forwarded to the Council, who as the relevant planning authority will assess the proposed land division against its requirements for the proposed use. Once all conditions and requirements are met the state agencies and council give clearance and the State Commission Assessment Panel issues a Certificate of Approval.

State Planning Commission

Phone: (08) 7109 7466
Post: GPO Box 1815, Adelaide SA 5001

For further information on Land Division please visit SA Government website