Growth Precincts Development Plan Amendment

The City of Mitcham is updating its Development Plan to create opportunities for investment, growth and change in four key precincts.

The Mitcham (City) Development Plan helps to shape the way the City develops and grows.  It contains zones, maps and policies to guide new development and is used by councils when assessing development proposals. A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is the formal process for making changes to this document.

During 2017-18 Council consulted with the community on the preparation of a Spatial Vision for the City of Mitcham and Key Precinct Structure Plans.  The Spatial Vision shows where growth should occur and where character should be protected.

An important step in implementing this Vision is amending policies which control and influence development within the four key growth precincts being:-

  • Goodwood & Daws Roads Precinct;
  • Blackwood Centre Precinct;
  • Belair Road Centre Precinct;
  • Goodwood & Cross Roads Precinct.

Key Precinct Structure Plans developed collaboratively with the community have helped us to understand how these areas might support different land uses than currently exist, or where further growth or intensification of existing land uses might be appropriate.

A draft DPA was endorsed by Council in September 2019 for consultation purposes and can be accessed here.

Over an eight-week period in October and November 2019, concurrent public and agency consultation was undertaken.  A copy of the public submissions received can be viewed here.

The draft DPA was amended following Council's consideration of feedback received from the community and agencies.

At its meeting of 10 March 2020, Council endorsed the final draft Growth Precincts DPA for lodgement with the Minister for Planning, which can be viewed here (see Item 9.2).

The Minister may determine to approve the DPA as is, to alter and approve the DPA, to approve parts and refuse other parts of the DPA or refuse the DPA.

Council would like to thank all of our community members who participated in the development of the Growth Precincts DPA.

Key Dates

Statement of Intent submitted to the Minister for Planning:
March 2019
Statement of Intent agreed by the Minister for Planning:
May 2019
Community Engagement for draft Development Plan Amendment:
9am Thursday, 3 October 2019 to 5pm Thursday, 28 November 2019
Public Meeting to hear verbal submissions:
7pm Tuesday, 3 December 2019 
Final amendments to the draft Development Plan Amendment endorsed by Council:
10 March 2020
Development Plan Amendment submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval:
31 March 2020
Gazettal date for the approved Development Plan Amendment:

Document Library

DPA lodged for approval by Minister for Planning - endorsed by Council 10 March 2020

Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) Report

Summary of Responses to Agency Submissions

Growth Precincts Maps

Consultation Version of Draft DPA

Specialist reports to inform the draft Growth Precincts Development Plan Amendment

Information Sheets


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