Opportunities for Public Space Investment

Potential (Unfunded) Public Realm Projects

When the Local Area Planning Project was being progressed, we thought about where Council's priorities might be when investing in public spaces and what this investment could achieve. To start this conversation, at least one (unfunded) potential public realm infrastructure project has been identified in each of the five key precincts.

The primary reason for investment in the public realm in this way, should suitable funding be available, would be to stimulate development of the surrounding private realm and to help foster a strong sense of stakeholder ownership and pride in the key precincts.

Each of the projects represents a significant investment and they are only intended at this point in time to provide a sample of what could be possible subject to the availability of funds.

Project sheets for each potential (unfunded) public realm project can be downloaded below:

The identification of broadly defined potential (unfunded) key precinct public realm infrastructure projects is a hypothetical exercise at this point in time to enable Council to begin to explore just one of a number of possible next steps in seeking to exert a measure of control and/or influence over the future direction of the key opportunity precincts, but all of these projects are likely to be highly dependent on access to external funding.

It is therefore important to note that the identification of broadly defined potential (unfunded) key precinct public realm infrastructure projects represents concepts only and will be released for the purposes of seeking the views and the opinions of the community; represents a small portion of the unfunded projects that are considered by Council on an annual basis; and are subject to change as a result of community engagement responses.


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