Spatial Vision for the City

In 2017, Council endorsed the Strategic Management Plan for the City of Mitcham 2017-2017. The Strategic Management Plan helps guide Council's decision making around things like service provision, plans and projects. is a high-level document that sets a clear 10-year vision for the City of Mitcham.

The Spatial Vision for the City seeks to translate Council’s Strategic Management Plan onto a map of the City by identifying:

  • Five key precincts which have opportunity for significant change
  • A set of outcomes to support and guide the development of each key precinct
  • Key connections to, from and within the City
  • Areas for small-scale and gradual change within the City
  • Areas of the City that should be “off-limits” for further development
  • Areas which have a special character

The Spatial Vision for the City of Mitcham was endorsed by Council on 26 February 2019.  A copy can be downloaded here.

It is important to note that Council’s draft Spatial Vision for the City does not have any legal effect. It represents concepts and ideas only at this stage and may change following community consultation.  Nor is there any guarantee that the State Government will agree to all or any of the plan.  It therefore cannot be relied upon for the purposes of future development proposals, land valuation processes and future development potential for any land depicted therein.