Community Information

Looking for information about local activities? Need help in locating the nearest community group, Justice of the Peace or sporting club? New to Mitcham? Mitcham Council's Community Information Service is here to help email or 8372 8888

Are you looking for information on a wide range of local and state community based organisations providing specialist services, activities and support to meet the needs of many people. The Community Information Service can assist you in contacting the organisations and services you need.

A community information database, containing local and state community based organisations, as well as brochures, information lists and booklets are maintained and continually updated to provide you with information you need on a wide range of topics.

Various community information flyers and brochures can be found in the Civic Centre, Works Depot, Mitcham and Blackwood Libraries, Blackwood, Cumberland Park, Hawthorn and Mitcham Community Centres and the Mitcham Cultural Village.