Eliza Lovell

Eliza graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 1992 and has worked extensively , both nationally and internationally as a performer in theatre, film, television and radio. She is a leader in Community and Cultural Development and child-led arts practice, and champions agency for young people through critical thinking, engaging higher order divergent thinking, and reflexive practice.

Recent performance and theatre making works include co-directing STORY TROVE as part of the Adelaide Festival Writers Week from 2015-2019. STORY TROVE visits schools, childcare centres, arts events and as part of the Arts in Heath program at the Flinders Medical Centre. Eliza is currently collaborating with Brink Productions on Vaudeville (working title), and on Lion with Dave Brown, as part of The Paper Boats international partnership platform for performance-makers. 

Working as a Teaching Artist in collaboration with the Australian Science and Mathematics School, Eliza produced Co-Investigators of Reality for the 2017 Dream Big Festival, and is working with Kerrin Rowlands and ASMS students  to present the Co-Investigators of Creativity workshops for primary school students as part of the 2019 Dream Big Festival. 




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