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Story Time Online

Story Time Online!

Join the Mitcham Library Service for some very special online story times and songs. View all the episodes below!

Episode 9

The Mitcham Library Service presents the official book for National Simultaneous Storytime 2020 “Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas” written and illustrated by Lucinda Gifford.

Join us and discover where Whitney and Britney two gorgeous chooks go every night!

Each year we love being part of the National Simultaneous Storytime where we get to celebrate a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator.

Now in its 20th successful year, it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy.

Episode 8

Get your flippers out and ready to waddle, Mitcham Library Service presents: The Penguin Rap! Then, join us for story time for some wonderful stories about penguins!

Our first story Dragon loves penguin by Debi Gliori is about a dragon looking for an egg and one lonely egg in need of a mummy which results in one delightful relationship between the most unlikely of creatures.

Our next story is The naked penguin by Kym Lardner. Once there was a little penguin who was different from all the other penguins. All because he has no patch of white on his chest. Nobody will play with him and all the Arctic creatures are too busy to help him.

Our final story is Penguin by Polly Dunbar It is about a boy who receives a penguin as a present and how they interact.

Episode 7

Today listen to Wendy share some fun stories about riding a bike.

Our first story is The Magical Bicycle by Berlie Doherty & Christian Birmingham. A boy finds that he cannot ride his new bicycle during the day, only in his dreams at night, until one day he finally discovers the magic he needs to ride it in real life.

We then have The best bike ride ever by James Proimos. I want a bike! I want a bike! This is all Bonnie says for one full week, until her parents surprise her with . . . a bike! Then: Oh boy! Oh boy! Before she knows it, Bonnie is off on a wobbly course around the backyard that becomes an adventure of epic proportions.

Then we finish with Maudie and Bear, the bike ride by Jan Ormerod. Meet Maudie, a plucky young girl, and her friend Bear, a gentle giant with a heart of gold. In The Bike Ride Maudie’s endless planning is as tiring as the bike ride itself.

Reading is fun and we hope you enjoy our stories!

Episode 6

Welcome to this week’s stories with Gail, a mouse, a mum and a hat….

First listen to The Great Green Forest by Paul Geraghty. One night in the rain-forest a tree-mouse attempts to go to sleep. But every time she drifts off, a different creature starts its night-time song. Finally, the sleepy mouse has had enough: Stop that noise, she shrieks!

Then we have Love you forever by Robert Munsch. A young mother holds her baby, and while she sings to it she rocks it back and forth. And through her life, and the stages of his life, she holds her son and rocks him back and forth as she tells him that she will love him forever.

Finally The Kinder Hat by Morag Loh. At kindergarten, Jessie makes a brilliant hat for her mum who must wear it as they walk home.

We hope you love our stories and we want you to keep on reading!

Episode 5

Today, we are bringing you stories to warm your heart and make you laugh.
First up is “There was an Old Woman who lived in a Book” by Jomike Tejido. How many well-known story characters can you spot? There are lots to find in this book.
Next we have “The slightly annoying elephant” by David Walliams. Would you like an elephant to turn up at your place? Hmmm, not sure my house is big enough!!!
Finally, we close with “My pet star” by Corrine Averiss. This gentle story is about a star which falls to earth and finds a friend.
If you’d like to sing along to the song at the end of our Storytime session, these are the words.
(Sung to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)
Wash your hands and cover your cough,
cover your cough,
cover your cough.
Wash your hands and cover your cough everywhere you go.
Do some craft and read a book,
read a book
read a book
Do some craft and read a book while you’re safe at home.
Now it’s time to wave goodbye,
wave goodbye
wave goodbye
Now it’s time to wave goodbye until we meet again.

Episode 4

Today we are bringing a very special storytime with some of our favourite Australian animal stories.

Discover why Edward the Emu was sick of the zoo. Edward the Emu written by Sheena Knowles tells the story of Edward and Emu who has nothing to do!

We then hear about a Wombat in Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughan. One day, on the banks of a billabong, a very clever dingo caught a wombat ... and decided to make... Wombat stew, Wombat stew, Gooey, brewy, Yummy, chewy, Wombat stew! But all the other bush animals have a plan to save their friend. They trick the dingo into using mud, feathers, flies, bugs and gumnuts in his stew, and the result is something the dingo will never forget!

Our last story is based on a famous Australian song, Give me a home among the gum trees by Bob Brown and Wally Johnson. Now illustrated in a book of Give me a home among the gum trees, with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two, a kangaroo.

Check out the recipe for our tasty naan bread here!

Episode 3

Welcome to another story time from the Mitcham Library Service!

Today Wendy is sharing some scary stories including The Scary Book by Nick Bland, The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright, Circle by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen and It’s the Bear by Jez Alborough.

We want you to use your imagination and remember they are only stories. We so much miss seeing your smiling faces at Story Time. Don’t forget to keep on reading!

Episode 2

Welcome to story time! Today we are sharing stores about some very special bears including The Terrible Plop by Ursula Dubosarsky pictures by Andrew Joyner, The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland, We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury and Arnold the Prickly Ted by Kym Lardner.

We have also heard that many of you have been looking for bears on a ‘bear hunt’! We have our favourite bears at the Mitcham Memorial Library and at the Civic Centre who is sitting in a very special chair. If you are out on a bear hunt, don’t forget to walk with your family and keep safe.

We miss seeing your smiling faces and don’t forget to keep on reading.

Episode 1

Join Gail and discover the adventures of Bear and Chook by the Sea by Lisa Shanahan and Emma Quay published by Lothian and Little Chicken Chickabee by Janeen Brian and Danny Snell published by Raising Literacy Australia Inc.

Bear and Chook are two lovable characters. Bear likes adventure and Chook would much rather have the quiet life! One day they decide to go and visit the sea. Chook is worried that they don’t know the way and will get lost, but Bear is confident they will find it just around the pond, under the bridge, through the forest and over the mountain!

Our other story is of Little Chicken Chickabee a tale of a little chicken who is a little different, she is not sure why. In a quest to find answers and hopefully a friend, she sets off to explore the farm.

Keep an eye out for Gail’s special crown with all sorts of friends on it and don’t forget to keep reading!