The Blackwood Library is getting a facelift!

The votes are in! We are so excited our Library at Blackwood will feature an exciting new mural by Azzy Batic. Thanks to everyone for voting. Now watch this space! It won't long.

Azzy Mural Design for the Blackwood Library

Azzurro, 23, Hawthorndene

My piece is a fresh new take on the classic Blackwood Library mural I’ve grown up looking at for my whole childhood in the hills. Libraries to me are a place of wonder and imagination; within the black and white pages are colourful worlds and fantastical creatures and stories that transcend the paper they are printed on. As kids we would walk together to the library from the primary school to watch performances and story times, experiences that inspired an enquiring mind and nurtured in me an ability to create from nothing using stories I made up. Since then I’ve travelled the world painting, so I wanted to encapsulate Blackwood the way I’ve come to see it as a best-kept secret, hidden sanctuary village perched sensibly up on the cliffs looking over the city below. This artwork is all about fun, creative, imaginative play and immersion in the lush, woody scrub we are particularly lucky to call home here alongside such rich flora and fauna. The drawing beckons you to explore its little world with your eyes. I’ve included the things that I think we will always remember so vividly about Blackwood; gnomes, sour sobs, the roundabout, twisty train lines, scattered houses, mystery hidden amidst the wicked gum trees, rainbow lorikeets, Aussie fauna staring you right in the eye and the legendary tubes from the Belair National Park adventure playground. The painting has been designed so that it can be worked on with extra love from the home studio and installed on boards, which means it can eventually be relocated to the new Blackwood library and live on to inspire a new generation of young people that perhaps one day may have an opportunity to breathe their own creations into the hills community.