Volunteering Opportunities

The City of Mitcham offers opportunities for volunteering across several areas including our libraries, community centres, events, community wellbeing, Justice of the Peace, and gardening.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Library Services

The Mitcham and Blackwood Volunteers assist the Library staff with the provision of basic library services.

Duties include

  • Undertake shelving and shelf tidying of library materials
  • Assist with re-spacing and moving of library collections as necessary
  • Undertake “one off” special projects, such as shelf reading, labelling shelves and assisting with the Annual Book Sale
  • Reaching for items on the shelves

When and Where

Volunteers are scheduled on a regular basis by mutual agreement.

Mitcham Library 154 Belair Road, Hawthorn and Blackwood Library 215 Main Road, Blackwood.

Home Library Service

The Home Library Service operates to deliver library material to residents who are housebound because of illness, disability or because they are caring full-time for others.

Duties include

Volunteers, with the assistance of the Home Library Service Officer select appropriate books, tapes, magazines etc for people who are housebound. Volunteers go in pairs, with one person using their own vehicle, delivering library materials to nursing homes and individuals who are unable to collect their own items. Approximately 6 - 8 visits are made which takes approximately two hours.

Special Requirements

Volunteers who use their own vehicle for deliveries will receive reimbursement based on the capacity of their engine and the number of kilometres travelled. Volunteers must hold a current Class 1 South Australian Drivers Licence and vehicles need to be comprehensively insured.

When and Where

Mitcham Library, 154 Belair Road, Hawthorn: Selection is on Wednesday/Thursday with deliveries on Thursday/Friday. Blackwood Library - 215 Main Road, Blackwood: Selection is on Tuesday with deliveries on Friday. Both are either fortnightly or monthly.

Toy Library

The Toy Lending Service loans toys to children aged 0 – 12 years, care providers, aged care groups and elderly citizens in the community.

Duties include

  • Checking and putting toys away
  • Tidy shelves
  • Cleaning toys if necessary
  • Basic toy and box repair
  • Engraving and writing on toy pieces
  • Unpacking and assembling new toys if required
  • Assisting parents with taking toys to the car

When and Where

Volunteers can attend by arrangement, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Mitcham Toy Lending Service

Mitcham Community Centre
242 Belair Road, Lower Mitcham.
Opening Hours: Wednesday 2.30pm – 5pm; Thursday 10am – 12.30pm; Saturday 10am- Noon

Blackwood Toy Lending Service

Blackwood Community Centre
4 Young Street, Blackwood.
Opening Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am  - 11.45am; Thursday 4pm – 6.30pm

Community Centre

A Community Centre Volunteer ensures that users and visitors to the Community Centre and Council are welcomed, directed and assisted in a professional manner. In addition they will help promote and provide information to assist enquiries.

Duties may include:

  • Direct and assist users of the community centre
  • Provide assistance and direction to residents and visitors as required
  • Telephone administration – receiving and retrieving calls, forwarding messages and general enquiries about programmes, halls for hire and other general queries.
  • Maintaining the reception and waiting area in a tidy manner
  • Accompanying potential hirers on facility tours and undertake inductions for new hirers
  • Adhere to Customer Service standards, EO principles and WH&S policies
  • Help create a sustainable Mitcham by focussing on all work practices and their environmental impact
  • Identify any risk, hazards and maintenance issues
  • General administration tasks including filing, mail, typing, photocopying, website browsing, maintaining of noticeboard flyers and promotions
  • Assisting with setting up and packing down for some events when required

When and Where

Volunteers will assist at the following locations across the City of Mitcham at a minimum of 4 hour intervals between Monday to Friday 9-5pm.

  • Blackwood Community Centre – 4 Young Street, Blackwood
  • Cumberland Park Community Centre – 388 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park
  • Mitcham Cultural Village - 103 Princes Road, Mitcham

Community Shed

Located within the Mitcham Cultural Village precinct, the Community Shed provides and environment where residents and visitors have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities in an environment of learning and sharing. Volunteers play an important role in assisting staff with the provision of those opportunities.

Duties Include:

Working closely with the Shed Facilitator and other volunteers, duties may include:

  • assisting with instruction of proper use of machinery and safety equipment
  • administration, eg. attendance records and skills register
  • assisting with setting up policies and procedures so that the shed runs smoothly
  • induct members in Shed policies and procedures
  • advising Council regarding improvements in workshop layout and efficiency
  • report equipment breakdowns, servicing, electrical testing etc. to designated Council staff

Local History Service - Heritage Research Centre

Volunteers working within Local History work together and individually to collate both yesterday’s and tomorrow’s history. Through their work, the volunteers build up resources to enhance people’s knowledge and appreciation of their district.

Duties include

  • Open Heritage Research Centre to the public
  • Assist with clerical working bees
  • Provide clerical support
  • Index local papers
  • Transcribe oral histories
  • Research local and state developments affecting the Mitcham district
  • Assist with Community Events and Projects
  • Assist with mounting, filing and indexing ephemera and photos for the local history collection
  • Collate community organisations newsletters & records
  • Research and collate records
  • Copy records
  • Assist with preparation of information for community groups, including local schools and kindergartens

When and Where

Volunteers are scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or at a mutually convenient time. The work location is the Mitcham Cultural Village, 103 Princes Road, Mitcham SA 5062.

Hours are Tuesdays 9.30am - 3.30pm for focussed researchers, Wednesday 9am - 6pm and Thursdays 9.30am - 3.30pm, open to the public. Or by arrangement with the Community Historian.

Mitcham Cultural Village

The Mitcham Cultural Village provides an environment where residents and visitors have the opportunity to participate in a range of cultural activities in an environment of learning and sharing. Volunteers play an important role in assisting staff with the provision of those opportunities.

Duties include

  • Assisting with telephone and reception enquiries
  • Accompanying potential hirers of Mitcham Cultural Village facilities on familiarisation tours and informing visitors about the conditions of hire
  • Assisting Council staff in coordinating special events and programs for the Mitcham Cultural Village

When and where

Days and hours are negotiable; however volunteers should be prepared to attend one day a week for three hours at the Mitcham Cultural Village, 103-105 Princes Road, Mitcham.


Council currently hosts 2 flagship events each year, as well as multiple citizenship ceremonies throughout the year. The duties at each event are varied and diverse and can place you front of house directly assisting attendees or supporting the back of house operations. Please see below for some potential duties you may asked to complete.

Duties may include

  • Provide assistance and direction to attendees
  • Assistance with the serving of coffee and cake
  • Packing of gift bags
  • General administration tasks
  • Setting up tables, doing dishes and general tidying up
  • Distribution of gifts to new citizens

If you are interested in being a part of a City of Mitcham event, please contact Nat at mitchamevents@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au or 8372 8888 for further information.

Community Bus - Drivers and Helpers

Volunteer Community Bus Drivers and Helpers assist Council to provide a popular and well-utilised bus service for older residents or those who live independently and find themselves transport disadvantaged. Volunteers drive the bus on a rostered basis, taking passengers to the libraries, local shopping centres, Westfield Marion and the Central Market. Drivers can also assist with bus hires for local non-profit organisations.  Helpers assist passengers with managing their shopping bags, trollies, walkers and embarking/ disembarking the bus.


  • Ensure that passengers are picked up and transported to their destination in a safe, comfortable and friendly manner and assist passengers on and off the bus
  • On a daily basis record the number of passengers carried and the kilometres travelled, and any mechanical problems or incidents on the relevant forms provided
  • When needed, assist passengers with their personal belongings or shopping
  • Occasionally distribute information on Council services and special events to bus passengers

Special Requirements

Bus Drivers are required to have an LR or above Class Licence and a 'Fitness to Drive' medical certificate yearly.

Where and When

The Community Bus leaves from the Mitcham Council Depot. Volunteers are reimbursed for their travel to and from the Depot and are rostered on a weekly or fortnightly basis by mutual agreement.  Ideally Volunteers are able to commit to a minimum of four hours per fortnight.

Community Connections

The Community Wellbeing Team provides a community connection program for older people or younger residents with a disability who, for various reasons, require transport or support to participate in groups/activities in the community. Providing transport and/or attending with residents, enables residents to continue to participate and remain connected to the community. The volunteer is carefully matched to a resident, taking into consideration similar interests and training is provided.

Duties Will vary and may include

  • transporting residents to and from an activity group
  • attending an activity/group with the resident until they are comfortable to attend independently
  • with assistance of staff, identify barriers residents may face
  • assist the resident with their transition to joining activities/groups/clubs with the goal of a sustainable and natural link to the activity being in place over time
  • Inform and liaise with the Community Connections team of progress or barriers encountered
  • volunteers will be providing minimal assistance to the participants and will not be required to provide high level or personal care.
  • participate, if appropriate, in the activity/group that is matched to the resident

When and Where

Volunteers will be required weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the frequency of the activity/group. Primarily in the Mitcham Council area but from time to time activities/groups may be outside the Council boundary. Distance to travel will be taken into consideration when matching the volunteer to the resident.

Personal Transport

Volunteer drivers provide transport, using their own vehicle, for older residents or younger people with a disability to attend medical, therapy or appointments relating to their wellbeing and local shopping centres. This valuable service enables our residents to continue to remain living independently in their own home and to participate in community life.

Duties include

Ensuring passengers are transported to their destinations in a safe, comfortable and friendly manner.  When required, assist passengers with aids e.g. walking frames/walking stick or shopping bags.

At times volunteers may be asked to remain at medical rooms while residents attend their appointment and then return them home.

Special Requirements

Volunteers use their own vehicle, for which they receive mileage reimbursement based on the capacity of their engine and the number of kilometres travelled. Volunteers need a current Class 1 South Australian Drivers Licence and vehicles need to be Comprehensively Insured and well maintained. Yearly vehicle roadworthiness checks are required in this role.

When and Where

Time commitments will vary with the type of service; however there is an expectation of a minimum commitment of half a day per week.  The Coordinator will contact volunteers with transport details (name, date, time, address, phone number and destination). Volunteers can be matched with a resident within their local area (ie hills or plains) on a regular basis or be called as needed. Training and support will be provided.

Lunch Group

With the assistance of volunteers, Lunch Groups provide the opportunity for older people or those with a disability to come together to share lunch and friendship, listen to guest speakers, participate in gentle exercise, craft, entertainment and bus trips.

Lunch Group members enjoy this weekly outing as it provides companionship and friendship with others in their community.

Duties Will vary from week to week, however the main tasks may include:

  • Assist setting up room
  • kitchen duties, setting tables and doing dishes and tidying up lunch areas
  • support participants and provide minimal assistance when required
  • participate in activities such as art and craft, games including scrabble, cards & bingo, discussion topics, relaxation, fitness and guest speakers
  • share and discuss ideas for new activities and provide support on organised outings
  • help with the serving of morning tea and lunch, and share lunch and conversation with participants
  • transporting participants to and from the venue, If volunteer has elected to undertake
    transporting in their own car.

When and Where

Volunteers choose to be involved and assist with all or some of the above duties on a weekly basis.

Tuesday Group, 10am – 1.30pm at Cumberland Park Community Club, 390 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park

Friday Group, 10am – 1.30pm at Blackwood Community Centre, Young Street, Blackwood.

There are many garden locations within the City of Mitcham that are maintained with the assistance of volunteers.

Duties at these locations may include

  • Weeding, pruning, mulching, watering, planting, fertilising, raking, and hoeing
  • Digging holes and installing posts for signage
  • Maintaining pathways
  • Minor repairs
  • Plant identification and documentation
  • Rubbish collection
  • Building trail features
  • Giving tours and holding open days for the general public

Gamble Garden

Gamble House was a gift to the City of Mitcham in the early 1980s by the Gamble sisters who could no longer look after the property. A volunteer group, Friends of Gamble Garden, was formed in mid 1980 to restore and maintain the developed cottage garden area and expand where possible the cottage garden concept over the existing grounds.

When and Where

Volunteers meet every Tuesday morning between 9am and 12.30pm at the garden shed on the site. Car parking is available on site. The Gamble Garden is located on the corner of Main and Dorham Roads, Blackwood.

Mitcham Trails

Council is continuing to implement its trail strategy that incorporates walking, horse riding and mountain bike riding. Volunteer contribution is a key element of the trail programs success and Council has a group of dedicated Volunteers that help build and maintain the trail network in Mitcham.

Trail developments in the City of Mitcham are intended to protect remnant vegetation and provide sustainable unstructured recreation for the community and a variety of different user groups.

When and Where

Community Trail Volunteer days are scheduled one Saturday per month.

Nellie's Garden

Nellies Garden was established in 1959. Bob Ellis, the Station Master at Mitcham Station designed and built the garden for his wife Nellie who suffered from Agoraphobia. This garden was to provide a gateway for Nellie to make her way back into the world. Nellie died in 1983 and Bob passed away late 1997. Mitcham Council purchased the Mitcham Railway station in 1990 and the garden, as a community project, the help and support of Volunteers is restoring Nellie’s Garden to its former glory.

When and Where

Volunteers meet every Monday 9.30am – 12.30pm at Nellie’s Garden, Mitcham Railway Station, Belair Road, Lower Mitcham.

Open Space Reserves

Kenny Park

Kenny Park was named in memory of Margaret Kenny, a local resident with excellent botanical knowledge of the Reserves native plants. Just over 1 hectare in size, the Reserve consists of remnant stands of Grey Box Eucalypts with a variety of native understorey shrubs and grasses. A number of introduced plants have established in the Reserve and require careful management in order to control them. A Friends group was established in the 1980’s with the aim to re-establish the native flora for environmental, educational and recreational purposes. Whilst some of these aims were achieved the group has since disbanded. An opportunity now exists for an enthusiastic group of volunteers to continue the work that started some 30 years ago.

When and Where

Volunteers meet the last Monday monthly, 10am-12.30pm at Kenny Park, Wilpena St, Eden Hills.

Mitcham Scented Gardens

The Mitcham Scented Gardens was developed by the City of Mitcham in 1986 as a South Australian sesquicentenary (150 years) project. With raised beds and wide paths it provides easy access for disabled people to enjoy the aromas, flowers and foliage of the plants. The area aims to promote gardening to all people and in particular to encourage the use of horticulture for recreational, vocational, therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes for disabled and disadvantaged people. A nose sculpture, created by Neil Cranney, is a feature of the garden. Volunteers on this site have a unique opportunity to be part of not only nurturing a lovely cottage garden but providing an invaluable contribution to the disabled community.

When and Where

Volunteers meet fortnightly from 9am at the Scented Gardens on a Wednesday morning. The Mitcham Scented Gardens is located behind the Mitcham library, Belair Rd, Hawthorn.

JWS Morris Reserve

The JWS Morris Reserve was named after local motor mechanic John Morris who was a Councillor and later Mayor of the City of Mitcham from 1974 to 1979. He was also a foundation member of the Mitcham Air Force Association. The Reserve is adjacent to the Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Hawthorn, and follows the creek line through to George Street. The Reserve has some significant River Red Gums scattered along the creek as well as some introduced trees and shrubs and of course environmental weeds are present. This Reserve has been ear marked for redevelopment as part of the Brownhill Creek (Hawthorn Reserves) Reconstruction Master Plan and volunteers need to keep in mind that any activities (mainly planting) undertaken on site may be removed/lost. There is no clear time frame for when this Master Plan will take place. During the interim volunteers are invited to regularly maintain and up keep the Reserve.

When and Where

Volunteers meet quarterly on a Saturday from 9am at the George Street entrance to JWS Morris Reserve. JWS Morris Reserve is located adjacent to the Soldiers Memorial Gardens, George Street, Hawthorn.

Urrbrae Wetlands

The Urrbrae Wetland is a water quality improvement and environmental education project, established in partnership with the Patawalonga Catchment Water Management Board, Urrbrae Agricultural High School and the City of Mitcham on land gifted to the school by the late Peter Waite.

The Wetland was established in 1997. Conceived initially as a means of controlling flooding in the local area, the site is now a permanent wetland. The area has been landscaped and revegetated with plants indigenous to the area and grown from locally collected seed. An impressive education centre has been built and a full time teacher provided. The area now provides excellent opportunities for students to observe and study this environment first hand.

The Friends of Urrbrae Wetland are a group of volunteers who have been active at the Wetland since its establishment and play an important role in the enhancement and promotion of this valuable environmental asset.

When and Where

Urrbrae Wetlands, Cross Road, Netherby (next to Urrbrae Agricultural High School). Volunteers meet every Tuesday 8.30am – 12noon.

Justice of the Peace

The City of Mitcham provides a Justice of the Peace service at the City of Mitcham Civic Centre and the Mitcham and Blackwood Libraries for residents who are able to visit these centres.

JP Duties include:

  • JP service to the customers, signed and notated
  • Record all JP transactions
  • Ensure customers understand the nature of their documents prior to signing

City of Mitcham Civic Centre, 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park

Monday 9.30am-12.30pm
Thursdays 9.30am-12.30pm

Mitcham Memorial Library, 154 Belair Road, Hawthorn

Tuesday 10am-12noon
Friday 10am-12noon
Saturday 10am-12noon

Blackwood Library, 215 Main Road, Blackwood

Monday 10am-12noon
Wednesday 10am-12noon