Blackwood Traffic Review

The traffic control devices along Brighton Parade have been installed. The resolution to reopen Hayman retreat at its junction with Craigburn Road maintaining a single lane width restriction will be considered by Council. Further information was reported to Council, item 7.2 at the 14 March Full Council meeting.

At its meeting of 8 November 2016 Council resolved (in part) that:

  1. Council approves the installation of traffic control devices along Brighton Parade and Coromandel Parade with the following as the preferred option:
  • Installation of raised platform treatments at the intersections of Brighton Parade with Garnet Avenue and Simla Avenues
  • Installation of six (6) flat top humps along Brighton Parade at suitable locations

2. Council approves in principle a budget allocation of $250,000 for the installation of the traffic control devices highlighted in (2) (a) and (2) (b), for consideration at the second reconsideration of the 2016/2017 Capital Works Program budget (ie Budget Review 2).

Due to the geometry and topography of Brighton Parade the design and spacing of the combination of road humps and raised platforms is non-standard and accordingly requires approval from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) to install.

The design was modified and the spacing was reduced between each of the traffic control devices. This has increased the number of traffic control devices from a previous total of eight to now ten in total. This is made up of seven raised platforms at the intersections of Brighton Parade and the following streets:

  • Garnet Avenue (north)
  • Simla Avenue
  • Johnson Parade
  • Fern Road
  • Ashley Court
  • Clarence Street
  • Alison Avenue

In conjunction with the above raised platforms, the number of flat top humps has been reduced to three, resulting in a total of ten traffic control devices proposed along Brighton Parade. A copy of design plans detailing the revised layout are provided below.

Blackwood Traffic Review Plans


A traffic study undertaken in 2013 focused on peak hour cut-through movements and speeds on local streets which adversely affect residential amenity and safety.

A traffic management plan was developed consisting of a combination of drive way links, three, in Brighton Parade and several other minor traffic slow points in the street off Brighton Parade. The feedback from the community indicated that the majority were not in favour of implementing the overall Traffic Management Plan for Blackwood South due to concerns of access during potential bushfires conditions. However the majority of residents living in Brighton Parade, who provided a response to the consultation process, were in favour of some type traffic control devices along Brighton Parade.

To address resident’s concerns a Corridor Traffic Management Plan for Brighton Parade was implemented consisting of line marking, signage and safety bar island treatments to create a slow speed environment for vehicles by channelling vehicles.

2013 Traffic Management Review Study

12 November 2013 Full Council Agenda (37765 kb)

12 November 2013 Full Council Minutes (150 kb)

11 February 2014 Full Council Agenda (9687 kb)

11 February 2014 Full Council Minutes

9 September 2014 Full Council Agenda (28481 kb)

9 September 2014 Full Council Minutes (227 kb)


As part of the Corridor traffic plan approval, Council committed to review the performance of this alternative scheme within 12 months following implementation. In response to the commitment, the Blackwood Traffic Review was undertaken in late 2015 to review the current traffic conditions in Blackwood as well as consider previous studies. As a result of this review draft options to address issues of speeding vehicles, increasing traffic volumes and access by pedestrians and property owners in Brighton Parade and Hayman Retreat have been developed.

2015 Traffic Management Review Study

24 May 2016 Full Council Agenda (41762 kb)

24 May 2016 Full Council Minutes (341 kb)