Have Your Say on a Belair to City Bikeway

Have Your Say on a Belair to City Bikeway

The State Government has allocated $6.5 million funding over four years to complete Greenways and Bicycle Boulevards across Adelaide to increase and promote cycling within the community. The funding commenced in 2015/2016 financial year and has enabled the installation of upgraded bicycle facilities in various locations across the metropolitan area.

Based on recommendations contained in the Local Government Association of South Australia’s Cycling Strategy, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has identified the Belair to City Bikeway as their number one priority for upgrade and funding within the City of Mitcham due to the large number of cyclists using the route and its potential to attract additional cyclists.

Much of the Belair to City Bikeway has already been established within the Adelaide City and Unley Council areas. In Mitcham, the southern end of the bikeway route utilises the Lynton Trail and is therefore in place.

In the Unley Council area the bikeway runs down Rugby Street to its intersection with Cross Road where DPTI recently installed a signalised bicycle and pedestrian crossing to provide a direct link across to Rugby Street.

Stage 1 of the Belair – City Bikeway (‘Stage 1’) provided a continuation of the Rugby/Porter Bikeway through Rugby Street to Eynesbury Avenue and concluding at the pedestrian actuated signals between Bank SA and the Soldier’s Memorial Gardens at Belair Road. Stage 1 has been completed.

It is now proposed as part of Stage 2 of the Belair – City Bikeway (‘Stage 2’) sought to provide a connection through Soldier’s Memorial Gardens from Belair Road to Angas Road and subsequently provide an on-road connection to Abbottshall Road, across Grange Road and through a shared use path along the railway corridor and subsequently connecting into the existing on-road bicycle connection along Price Avenue to Lynton Trails.

What Changes are Proposed?

In keeping with the treatment along other sections of the Belair to City Bikeway it is proposed to install bicycle related signs, pavement markings and contrasting pavement treatments at the intersections along the route.

What are the Benefits?

The bikeway will provide a safer, more visible and predictable riding environment; better control of crossing points to reduce potential traffic conflicts; and use of streets with lower traffic volumes and slower traffic speeds to benefit cyclists and other road users.

Have Your Say

Council is inviting your feedback on the stage 2 of the Belair to City bikeway - proposed bicycle improvements by completing the online feedback form below by 6 December 2019.

Should you require any further information or wish to discuss this matter further please contact Ashni Kumar on 8372 8888.