City of Mitcham Christmas Celebrations

30th August 2020
City of Mitcham will explore new ways to share festive cheer with the community in 2020.
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City of Mitcham will explore a range of alternative events and activities to share Christmas cheer with the community in 2020.

This follows the decision to delay the Carols at Kingswood Oval until 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing physical distancing requirements.

Mayor Dr Heather Holmes Ross said the health and safety of the community was of utmost importance to Council.

“We still want to share the fun and joy of the festive season and with this in mind we are looking forward to coming up with new ways to celebrate this year. The Council remains committed to the return of Carols at Kingswood Oval next year.”

Council has committed to spending the allocated budget for this year’s event on delivering alternative Christmas celebrations in a COVID-safe environment.

A variety of alternative options will be presented to Elected Members in the lead-up to December.